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Buffer Zone

In political science, an area between two antagonists that is put in place so they do not attack each other. A famous example of a buffer zone is the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea. Occasionally, the buffer zone is a third country.
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buffer zone

(1) A transitional area between two areas of different zoning or characteristic land use.

(2) Green space or other open or natural areas providing privacy and noise pollution control for a subdivision.

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'The main goal of the buffer zone is to preserve the quality of life by adopting the concept of sustainable development,' she said.
In addition, many label restrictions specify a buffer zone distance regarding how close pesticides can be applied to bodies of surface water.
Part III argues that legislatures and courts often use buffer zones to strike this balance.
Meanwhile in the illegal settlements of Ateret, north of Ramallah, Pnei Hever, east of Hebron, Nahliel, northwest of Ramallah, and Kiryat Arba, on the outskirts of Hebron city, buffer zone lands are being cultivated by Israeli settlers, while in Kiryat Arba, prefabricated buildings were set up in the security zone.
"Each government gives a commitment letter to the United States government regarding non-exploration/exploitation in its respective buffer zone," the proposal said.
The organization said that the buffer zone has significantly reduced the harassment of patients and clinic employees.
The idea of a buffer zone is critically important for Turkey, too.
The money will support the humane control of greys in part of a five-kilometre buffer zone around the red squirrel reserve of Harwood Forest, near Rothbury.
The petition calls for three things: 1) An unbiased study to determine what would be the appropriate size aerial-spray buffer zone to protect residents from pesticide drift; 2) the establishment of an emergency aerial-spray buffer zone around homes and schools until that study is completed; and 3) a study on the influence of the pesticide industry on previous EPA pesticide decisions.
Only 18 states have so far set up committees for demarcating the buffer zones. The rest have not even bothered to take this first step, barring Orissa, which had identified three such areas, environment ministry officials said.
Having read the Department for the Economy and Transport 'Setting Local Speed Limits in Wales' guidance, circular No: 24/2009, we believe that the safety of our community would be greatly enhanced by the application of 40mph buffer zones.
Russian troops have completed a pullout from buffer zones next to breakaway Georgian regions that it had established during a war between the two countries in August.