buffer zone

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Buffer Zone

In political science, an area between two antagonists that is put in place so they do not attack each other. A famous example of a buffer zone is the demilitarized zone separating North and South Korea. Occasionally, the buffer zone is a third country.
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buffer zone

(1) A transitional area between two areas of different zoning or characteristic land use.

(2) Green space or other open or natural areas providing privacy and noise pollution control for a subdivision.

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To comply with buffer zone regulations, a grower can sometimes set up a buffer zone outside the field, for example, if a field that needs treatment is surrounded by agricultural land that doesn't need treatment (fig.
The outcome of a challenge to a given buffer-zone turns on the particular circumstances surrounding the buffer zone. (119) Like in other free speech cases, courts take a serious look at the amount of speech burdened by the size or breadth of the buffer zone.
The buffer zone was originally set to cover an area of 5km along Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip.
In the agreement, Dominion acquired an additional 8.889% participating interest in the Core Zone and an additional 6.53% participating interest in the Buffer Zone.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The US has said it has never ruled out Turkey's proposal of a buffer zone, a key demand by Ankara to protect Syrian refugees and bolster Turkey's borders, yet added that it is not considering the implementation at the moment.
NNA - Russia on Thursday said that any plan to set up a buffer zone in Syria, as urged by Turkey, would need to be approved by the United Nations.
This is with reference to the article "Buffer zone in ME can help save lives" (Oct.
The buffer zone is a plot area of not less than 75% of the total area of the reserve in line with the recommendations of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The report does not specify the size of the buffer zones, except to say that the southern buffer zone would be smaller than Lebanon's full maritime claim, and also that the northern buffer zone would be "significantly smaller" than the southern buffer zone.
The ruling also left intact a high court decision from 2000 that upheld a floating buffer zone in Colorado.
He further called for the speedy determination of this borderline in order to activate the buffer zone between the two countries.
Fort McKay First Nation is asking for a buffer zone around the project.