budget surplus

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Budget surplus

The amount by which government revenues exceed government spending.
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Budget Surplus

The amount by which revenue exceeds expenditures. A budget surplus means that the budget is likely healthy, at least in the short-term, and that the government, company or individual it regards does not have to resort to borrowing. A company must have a budget surplus in order to make a profit. See also: Deficit.
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budget surplus

a surplus of TAXATION receipts over GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE. Budget surpluses are used as an instrument of FISCAL POLICY to reduce the level of AGGREGATE DEMAND in the economy. See BUDGET (government), BUDGET DEFICIT, PUBLIC SECTOR DEBT REPAYMENT.
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Sindh had shown budget surplus of Rs55.6 billion, as its expenditures recorded at Rs765 billion compared to the revenues of Rs820.6 billion.
The budget surplus decrease was linked to decrease in revenues by 17.4% caused by the decrease in tax income from Kumtor mine and decrease in VAT on imported goods.
"Meanwhile, the Conservatives' slim majority in the House of Commons likely means it will be impossible for the Chancellor to get political support for a further intensification of austerity in order to obtain a budget surplus."
Even at the conservative oil price assumption of $65 a barrel, Qatar had projected a budget surplus of QR7.3bn in the current financial year.
The report, issued by the research department of Jadwa Investment Company, said this year's budget surplus could reach 3.5 percent of the gross domestic product as a result of higher oil exports.
which last year posted a budget surplus for the first time in a
The last time the government incurred a budget surplus in the month of May was in 2008, when it registered a P7.02-billion excess.
"Although the budget surplus might seem low compared to the surplus of last January, which was TL 5.9 billion, the amount last year came largely from the TL 4.2 billion of privatization revenue.
non-investment related social spending such as the welfare state, to be in a position to produce an annual budget surplus into the
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 15, 2014-Greece expected to meet target of primary budget surplus
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 15, 2014-Greece expected to meet target of primary budget surplus
The world's largest oil exporter also expected to conclude this year with a budget surplus of 206 billion riyals.