budget line

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Budget Line

An item in a budget. For example, the amount of money a company expects to spend in manager salaries may be listed as a budget line.
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Fig. 19 Budget line. If a consumer has an income of £10 and the price of good X is 50 pence and the price of good Y is £1, he can buy 20 units of X or 10 units of Y, or some combination of both, for example 10 units of X and 5 units of Y The slope of the budget line measures the relative prices of the two goods.

budget line


consumption possibility line

a line showing the alternative combinations of goods that can be purchased by a consumer with a given income facing given prices. See also CONSUMER EQUILIBRIUM, REVEALED PREFERENCE THEORY, PRICE EFFECT.
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Although the 2018/19 budget shows a distinct budget line in the housing policy department for the Supporting People Programme at PS124.4m, this has disappeared in the budget for 2019/20.
The line AB is the budget line that would hold if the household did not borrow at all against the future value of her home, that is, if a = 0.
A3: The individual chooses a point on the budget line.
Their needs often end up at the end of the budget line even in advanced economies like the United States that do have the resources to respond to all children's needs.
(2) How did FAA implement its policies for determining whether 17 specific budget line items identified by appropriators belong in its F&E or Operations accounts, including personnel compensation, benefits, travel, and related expenses?
The program areas described in the initiatives roughly correspond to the traditional R & T budget line items.
The misleading $175 million figure includes only the budget line item for grants and ignores appropriations for, among other things, a trust to help pay off that illegal debt.
"There was no budget line item to reward us for working extra hours, extra days, weekends, summers.
However, according to Andrew Perlmutter, cofounder of InMarketing Group, Inc., "It's more important now than ever to rally employees around a company's marketing goals." Perlmutter adds that recognition and incentive programs that focus employees on their performance and corporate goals should not be cut to eliminate a budget line item.
Tindal said the research bill -- the cost of which he would not reveal except to say the church had gotten a good deal -- will be paid out of the residential schools budget line.
"This is the only budget line with national print advertising support," says McMenemy.

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