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However, the federal government is struggling to achieve these two targets, which would result in higher budget deficit by the end of June this year.
Senior officials at the Finance Ministry revealed International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Pakistan had reached a consensus over budget deficit breaching 5 percent of GDP during present financial year 2017-18, against forecasted target of 4.
He said that the main reason behind this budget deficit is ballooning debt servicing repayments.
LCCI office-bearers said that economic growth was essential to reduce budget deficit, adding that revenues of the governments would automatically increase with the growth of trade and industry that was possible only, if the number or ratio of the taxes were not raised.
They said that government should broaden the tax base and bring untaxed sectors into the tax net which would increase the government revenues and reduce the budget deficit.
A falling budget deficit digit is a good sign that the government programme is working, but the growth is in question here with a big anticipated fall in consumer spending due to higher inflation rates," Fred Haung, a Middle East economist at Deutsche Bank told Daily News Egypt.
This is the second year in a row that Saudi Arabia experiences a budget deficit.
Tunisia's planned subsidy reforms and public spending cuts should help reduce the budget deficit by 1.
E[currency]imE-ek stated: "The budget deficit for the first 10 months only makes up 39.
Rana Asad Amin further told that any review in the tax collection of FBR would result into increase in budget deficit by 0.
The Bulgarian Finance Ministry has registered a budget deficit of BGN 650 M for the first half of 2011 or 0.
Eurostat said Cyprus' budget deficit for 2010 fell to 5.