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Identification of Plants: Floristic surveys were conducted in different seasons to collect and identify the browse species of Cholistan Desert.
Floodplain riparian systems yield expansive willow communities on low gradient streams that often provide the majority of winter browse consumption and may support year-round moose populations.
Browse exposure classifications of the experimental plots was based on the number of buffered edges between the plot edge and the closest wooded area.
With browse, you can quickly identify known items and variants, such as other editions.
Even when browse plants lose their leaves, they still can provide good nutrition.
Liverpool County Court heard that Mr Browse and his wife, Anna, went out for a drink with two friends at the Wetherspoons pub, The Clairville, in Wallasey, on October 10, 2009.
Barbara Ferreira of the Blue Cupboard, Jill Compton, who owned Chapters Book Store, Dee Ann Evans of the Knit Witts, and Pat Pelletier, who owned the Calico Crib, have since moved on, but Browse the Brookfields, as they named the fledgling operation, has lived on and prospered.
The relevant documentation to close the deal, which concerns BHP Billiton's 8.33% stake the East Browse venture and 20% holding in the West Browse venture, located offshore Western Australia, was inked today in Beijing, the vendor noted.
As a result of the completion of this acquisition, MIMI Browse owns 16% and 8% working interests in natural gas and condensate fields of East Browse and West Browse Joint Ventures respectively.
Browse LNG has been plagued by controversy over its proposed location at James Price Point on the northwestern coast of Australia, which has been opposed by some project partners, environmentalists and Aboriginal landowners.
Our work with browse biomass removal began with a study to address potential resource limitation in a growing moose population at high density (Seaton 2002).
Although pine can be considered a medium-preferred browse species in the winter diet of moose (Bergstrom & Hjeljord, 1987), the major proportion of consumed browse consists of pine from late autumn to early spring owing to its high availability (Cederlund et al., 1980).