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Risk management practices: In order to have an idea about how the brokerage houses play their risk management role, relative to their own risk and that of their clients, a questionnaire was circulated amongst 26 registered corporate members of the Karachi Stock Exchange.
The same-day funds system quite simply reduces the float risk that banks and brokerage houses expose themselves to by waiting for checks to clear," Hill says.
Sheila Marie Aguilar, Abacus vice president, chief of staff and compliance officer, said this brokerage house had built its research capability to offer 'concise, relevant and ahead of the curve' information for investors.
ZSL is one of the leading brokerage houses of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).
Also, eight brokerage houses have less than 2 per cent market share each.
But the negotiations have stalled as the Daiwa side also wanted to take a controlling stake of the envisioned brokerage house.
Is Yatirim is the only brokerage house traded at the Istanbul Stock Exchange.
More and more consumers are forsaking brokerage houses to test the stock trading waters from the comfort of home.
MUSCAT: Gulf Baader Capital Markets (GBCM) and the Financial Services are exploring the possibility of a merger - to make the biggest brokerage house in the Sultanate.
But the negotiations have stalled as the Daiwa side argued that Daiwa Securities should be allowed to have a controlling stake of the envisioned brokerage house.
New handbook tells it like it is inside the brokerage house
Affectees of M/s Cliktrade Ltd and Capital One Equities Ltd have been advised to submit their claims against the companies at NAB office located near Passport Office in Saddar area along with relevant The investigations were underway by SECP against these two firms and several other brokerage houses found involved in illegal pledging of shares with banks to obtain financing which were mostly used to liquidate liabilities of the brokerage house resulting in total loss to the investors.