Brokerage account

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Brokerage Account

Money given to a broker or brokerage for investment purposes. One manages one's brokerage account differently according to the type of brokerage; that is, one may meet with a broker, call on the telephone, or give orders over the Internet. Brokerage accounts are divided into two main categories: advisory accounts and discretionary accounts. Brokers are only allowed to conduct transactions on advisory accounts on the specific orders of the account holder, or under very specific instructions. On the other hand, brokers have a great deal more leeway over discretionary accounts, conducting transactions not prohibited by the account holder in accordance with the holder's investment goals and the prudent man rule.

Brokerage account.

To buy and sell securities through a broker-dealer or other financial services firm, you establish an account, generally known as a brokerage account, with that firm.

In a full-service brokerage firm, a registered representative or account executive handles your buy and sell instructions and often provides investment advice.

If your account is with a discount firm, you are more likely to give your orders to the person who answers the telephone when you call.

And if your account is with an online firm, you give orders and get confirmations electronically.

In all three cases, the firm provides updated information on your investment activity and portfolio value, and handles the required paperwork. And in some cases, your brokerage account may be part of a larger package of financial services known as an asset management account.

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The first disclosure requirement relates to the availability of brokerage accounts, how to step up a brokerage account and the cost, if any, for having an account.
The computer hacking into bank and brokerage accounts was done through a variety of schemes in 2004 and 2005, according to the Justice Department.
The preamble to the Department of Labor regulations makes it clear that the plan sponsor needs to review the investments actually purchased in the self-directed brokerage account.
There are many other benefits to holding securities on deposit in a brokerage account, including: not worrying about lost or stolen securities; the expense of storing your stock certificates; free reinvesting of dividends in additional shares; and simplifying tax reporting, estate planning, insurance protection, money market access and consolidated statements.
Merrill says that it will not use the Best Interest Contract exemption "to service or support ongoing IRA brokerage account activity.
In order to offer these bonuses and guarantees, insurance companies charge higher fees than typical brokerage accounts.
Assuming these fees are the same, it is easy to conclude that the variable annuity, because it is tax-deferred, would grow in value more quickly than the taxable mutual funds held in the regular brokerage account.
I would be willing to bet that even your most sophisticated clients don't know off the top of their heads if they have a self-directed brokerage account, or SDBA, option available in their company 401(k) retirement plan account.
Such loans are backed by securities held in your brokerage account, and the maximum "initial margin" allowable is 50%.