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Congested business districts, which have the greatest demand for broadband services, are the most difficult to serve.
Our SurfBeam system has proven that reliable, satisfying, and cost-competitive satellite broadband services can be offered in markets around the world.
We wanted to introduce a broadband service in Germany that would be easier to deploy and more reliable for our customers," said Peter Hlawna, manager of user equipment engineering for O2 Germany.
It allows service providers to expand broadband service revenues while reducing operational and support costs through automated service provisioning and comprehensive device management.
NBBS reduces the cost of deploying and managing next-generation broadband services, while improving the subscriber's experience.
On a world-wide basis, we believe that the next wave of broadband service upgrades may be larger than the last Internet build-out.
a leading provider of broadband management software, and Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), the leading telecommunications provider in Trinidad and Tobago, today announced the selection of Motive technology to help TSTT speed the rollout of broadband services to its customers.
This research is part of In-Stat's Multimedia Broadband Service, which provides a worldwide, comprehensive perspective of multimedia broadband markets, analyzing cable, video-over-DSL, DBS and IPTV services, and digital terrestrial broadcast.
According to Barnes, "NextWeb proved that carriers could efficiently and profitably deliver business-class broadband services using pre-WiMAX technology.
Placement of Covad's business-class broadband services in selected business-focused retail locations represents an important addition to Covad's distribution channel strategy.
More than 80 percent of today's broadband services have been deployed to the residential customer, primarily by incumbent telcos and cable operators.

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