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Combined with the appropriate incline angles and spacing between the conveyor and the hopper, this will "allow the material to slide into the hopper, eliminating the likelihood of bridging," Sierra's Harris says.
Fred Johnson of IPS Balers Inc., Baxley, Go., says the company's hinged sidewall models, which temporarily open the charge box up "to 55 or 72 inches wide and eliminate that hourglass shape that can cause bridging," provide a potential solution.
Any time bridging occurs, proceeding safely to fix the problem is critical.
Production headaches caused by frequent bridging can add up.
[2] In the KTO, three types of bridging operations are conducted throughout the campaign under various battlefield conditions:
* Assault bridging (when in contact with the enemy and exposed to direct and observed indirect fires).
* Support bridging (when enemy contact is unlikely but the possibility exists of exposure to observed indirect fires).