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The tips are useful for routine plaque removal, for gently stimulating the gums, and for removing debris trapped in orthodontic bands, around the margin of a crown, or around bridgework. Note, however, that studies show that in most cases regular use of floss or an interdental brush can accomplish these jobs equally well.
Mr Mulvane's jaw was so badly fractured surgeons had to fit wires as well as bridgework during the long operation.
Gold prices hit a record high earlier this year, meaning old fillings, bridgework, crowns, implants and even dentures are now more valuable than ever.
He could not see any holes or any purpose in replacing the bridgework. The cost of the visit, which included X-rays, was pounds 42.
A & J Fabtech, formed in 1974, designs and makes items such as waste and waste treatment equipment, steel chimneys, bridgework, pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
Sixty-three at the time of the concert, Jagger is not entirely impervious to the ravages of time, and the relentless closeup scrutiny could not be more revealing--not only of his taut muscle tone and evidently fat-free physique, but of his deeply lined face; some low-angle shots are so tight you can examine the dark bridgework on the back of his front teeth.
For comprehensive treatment of the topic, or for information about conventional and minimal preparation bridgework, they suggest other resources.
In that time she has had hundreds of pounds worth of treatment, including bridgework and crowns.
It is reported that they can be placed over crowns and dental bridgework to improve esthetics and help rejuvenate a smile.
A Seven-footer Richard Kiel played the terrifying baddie with the dodgy bridgework in The Spy Who Loved Me ('77) and Moonraker ('79).
However, inexperienced boaters and paddlers in less-maneuverable inflatable craft may find it difficult to avoid being swept into the bridgework.