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He said sewage from Leh Nullah was not a threat rather the open dumping of solid waste can be a breeding ground of dengue larvae.
It was found that Shahid Kapoor's swimming pool was left unused with clear stagnant rain water that is a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.
Locals said that open sewerage lines and manholes, puddles, heaps of trash and litter of refuse continue to provide breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes as the authorities have turned a deaf ear to their complaints regarding the issue.
Llandovery's head of rugby, Iestyn Thomas, said the trio's selection further strengthened the school's reputation as one of the finest rugby breeding grounds in Wales.
They found that all ten sang while foraging, but two of the whales showed intense, continuous bouts of singing similar to what the researchers expected to see in breeding grounds.
A CITY asthma nurse has warned children could be in danger as homes become a breeding grounds for millions of dust mites at their peak time of year.
WEST HAM boss Alan Pardew is hoping his side can remain the breeding ground for England's best young talent under new national coach Steve McClaren.
My initial reaction when I saw March of the Penguins was, What if life is nothing but a trek to the breeding ground, back to the sea, back to the breeding ground, back to the sea, ad infinitum, until death do us part.
There is a warm ocean anomaly 250 miles off the coast of New Jersey where the water temperature had reached 70 degrees by early May--a ready made breeding ground for hurricanes.
A EXERCISE actually increases the body's ability to fight infection but unfortunately gyms are a breeding ground for viruses.
As a result, the cornea becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause serious eye infections, he says.
This can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other creatures.