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A firm engaged in two or more unrelated businesses.
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A corporation that runs and manages many, unrelated businesses. The businesses are in different industries and generally have nothing at all to do with each other in terms of what products are produced. The theory behind a conglomerate states that the individual businesses can be managed at lower cost because they are able to pool resources while also reducing risks inherent to any particular industry. Conglomerates are not as popular in the United States as they once were because some became so complex, they were impossible to operate. See also: Keiretsu, Chaebol.
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A company engaged in varied business operations, many of which seem unrelated. A conglomerate is designed to have reduced risk, since its various operations are affected differently by business conditions over time. In addition, it is possible for a conglomerate to redistribute its corporate assets depending on which operations show the most promise. Conglomerates were popular among investors during the 1960s but investors' interest in them faded during the 1970s and the 1980s.
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A conglomerate is a corporation whose multiple business units operate in different, often unrelated, areas.

A conglomerate is generally formed when one company expands by acquiring other firms, which it brings together under a single management umbrella.

In some, but not all, cases, the formerly independent elements of the conglomerate retain their brand identities, though they are responsible to the conglomerate's management.

Some conglomerates are successful, with different parts of the whole contributing the lion's share of the profits in different phases of the economic cycle, offsetting weaker performance by other units.

Other conglomerates are never able to meld the parts into a functioning whole. In those cases, the parent company may sell or spin off various divisions into new independent companies.

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(ii) Group II veins consist of a breccia with angular rock fragments healed by calcite cement.
The phreatomagmatic breccia XRD patterns show the presence of clay minerals (smectites and serpentine minerals) in addition to enstatite, quartz and carbonates (calcite and dolomite) (Fig.
The first descriptions of this anomalous breccia were made circa 1916 by August Foerste and Raymond Lamborn who identified this breccia as "marl" dividing the Silurian Bisher and Lilley Members of the (then) West Union Formation (Schumacher 2002c).
It is collected as isolated crystals on datolite, prehnite or calcite, or directly attached to the walls of breccia cavities.
According to MAX Resource, the claims in the NUSTAR prospect area are located on the northwestern trend of uranium deposits in this area of Arizona, which contains the high-grade past producing Hacks Canyon mines, the Arizona 1 mine (currently on standby) and the EZ-1 and EZ-2 breccia pipes recently purchased by Denison Mines Corp.
"There was once a plan, but no one talks about it anymore," Breccia said, adding that funding for the new churches has dried up.
Four key structural components are recognized: (1) a tight anticlinal fold, which is oriented radically away from the inner crater; (2) breccia on the crest of the anticline, along the thrust faults, and in thick accumulations; (3) inward-directed thrust faults; and (4) normal faults.
The surface exploration program, in preparation for a planned 10 hole drill program, has identified a major extension to the El Ocote breccia pipe which contains previously reported resources totaling 16.2 million ounces of silver (indicated-11.0 million ounces; inferred-5.2 million ounces).
The mineralisation is hosted in quartz lodes carrying quartz, carbonate and adularia, and late-stage breccia channels carrying bonanza gold grades.