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The scheme, at Swan Bank, Penn, will be launched tomorrow following requests from carers to expand the current short break service.
The short break service run at the Bradbury Centre allows families to leave their loved ones overnight so they can have a break.
We appreciate the challenges the council face due to national Government funding decisions but want to make sure that the economic and social value short break services bring to families and communities - and the potential impact on families if these services are reduced - are recognised so further cuts are avoided.
They removed a plate-glass window and unbolted the card point cash machine at Welcome Break Services on the southbound M74 near Abington in Lanarkshire.
After a two-hour drive from their Lancashire home, eight-year-old Emily-Mae Hall and sister Hollie-Ann, 11, begged for a lunch stop at Welcome Break services at Keele on the M6.
Requiring your CPA to break services into components helps keep the fee agreement more realistic and lets you see more precisely what you're paying for.
"The PS900 will assist the Norman Laud Association in their very valuable work providing quality short break services for children and young adults with special needs and support services for their families."
St Oswald's Hospice is a registered charity, which offers a wide range of services including a day hospice, lymphoedema service, an inpatient unit, complementary therapy services, a consultant outpatient clinic and specialist short break services for children and young adults.
n Improving short break services for disabled adults and children.
Joanne Blackhurst, 31,of Hayes Avenue in Prescott,Merseyside,but who had been living at a hotel at the Welcome Break services near the M62 on Merseyside, is charged with a burglary at Dyfed Drive in Queensferry,Deeside.
While Welcome Break services won praise for employing the services of food critic Egon Ronay, the report warned the poor reputation of the industry would be hard to change.
The youngsters took part in ten track and field events in aid of the charity, which provides short break services for children and adults with special needs and support services for their families.