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The process of creating differentiation between a product and other products of the same kind. Branding is a marketing strategy to create the impression that one product is better than the other, whether or not that is true. Branding makes a product more recognizable and therefore is likely to attract customers and customer loyalty. There is often a sense among consumers that brand products are somehow better than off-brand or generic products; as a result, brand products are usually more expensive. Examples of brands include logos, catchphrases, symbols, or even the name of the company itself.


a means of helping consumers to identify a particular firm's BRAND of product, and to create and maintain consumer confidence in the performance of the brand.

This is achieved by ensuring consistent brand quality and reinforcing this by appropriate ADVERTISING and SALES PROMOTION in order to foster consumer goodwill. Once the supplier has created significant BRAND LOYALTY this enables him to exert greater control over the advertising, sales promotion and distribution of the brand, and may well enable him to command a premium price over competitors' offerings. A well established brand has considerable value in giving a supplier COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE over rival suppliers and such brands can have a significant impact upon the valuation of a business. See BRAND VALUATION.

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The aim of the branding campaign is to make people aware of the services we can now provide.
To have success branding yourself online, you must be able to identify a good number of highly traveled Websites, forums, and online publications that reach the people most likely to become your customers.
Support from top management at SAIF to drive change from the inside out has been key to the success of this effort," said President and CEO Dennis Hahn of ID Branding.
Brand decentralization may also be the choice when brand managers, marketing and advertising directors, and outside advertising agencies are given an inordinate amount of branding power.
According to Diane Roggow, CEO of Market Illumination, the new Branding Insight Tool addresses a long, unmet need among marketing professionals for an affordable assessment process.
We are confident that the relationship will go a long way towards complementing our existing efforts in the celebrity branding arena and cementing our leadership position in this rapidly growing segment of the market.
Jim is a true branding guru," said Gail Guge, managing partner and brand strategist of Wilkin Guge Marketing.
There are numerous such instances of 'twins' all around us -- products that are identical except for the branding, where one brand sells much better than another," says V.
Branding is a key issue in the pharmaceutical industry; product managers have evolved into brand managers and are beginning to understand the dynamics of brand equity that lie at the heart of product development and marketing.
com/reports/c33478) has announced the addition of Pharmaceutical Branding Strategies: Thought Leader Perspectives On Brand Building, Effective Communication and Future Brand Models to their offering.