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Anything that distinguishes a company's product from other, similar products. Examples of brands include logos, catchphrases, or symbols. Brands make a product more recognizable and therefore are likely to attract customers and customer loyalty. There is often a sense among consumers that brand products are somehow better than off-brand or generic products; as a result, brand products are usually more expensive.


a distinctive name, term, sign, symbol or design used to identify a firm's product and to distinguish it from similar products offered by competitors. A brand may be given legal protection through the use of TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHT. See BRANDING.


the name, term or symbol given to a product by a supplier in order to distinguish his offering from that of similar products supplied by competitors. Brand names are used as a focal point of PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION between suppliers.

In most countries, brand names and trade marks are required to be registered with a central authority so as to ensure that they are uniquely applied to a single, specific product. This makes it easier for consumers to identify the product when making a purchase and also protects suppliers against unscrupulous imitators. See INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, BRAND TRANSFERENCE.

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In fact, branding is so important to the company, it has a global committee made up of senior executives from every continent who are constantly engaged in monitoring how CBRE is branded and how it is positioned in the market.
They rent shelf space and can favor one manufacturer over another, one brand over another, their store label or a private label over the branded product.
This includes the parent company, divisions, branded products or services, and retail outlets.
In branded taste tests their diet elixir comes out on top, even though in blind taste tests Diet Pepsi takes the prize.
More than ever, when considering co branding, brand executives must make sure the existing brand equity is strong and can sustain and flourish in a co branded situation.
Consumers can purchase Canadian Club 6-year in a commemorative poker bottle and gift box; a commemorative bottle along with a poker hints and tips CD necker; a traditional 6-year bottle along with a Canadian Club branded rocks glass or the traditional bottle in a gift box with Canadian Club gift wrap.
The spin-off enabled ACCO World to complete its previously announced merger with General Binding Corporation, creating ACCO Brands Corporation, an independent publicly-traded company and a global leader in branded office products.
As previously announced, at the time of the spin-off ACCO will merge with General Binding Corporation (NASDAQ:GBND) to create a leading global supplier of branded office products.
How will the relationship between retailers and branded apparel makers pan-out?
As announced on March 16, 2005 and as described in the registration statement, ACCO Brands will be a leading supplier of branded office products with nearly $2 billion in annual revenue and a global footprint.