branch office

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1. An office or subsidiary of a company that exists and conducts operations in a country other than the one in which the company is headquartered. See also: MNC.

2. A semi-independent office of a bank. For example, a bank may have five branches in a city where account holders can make deposits and withdrawals and conduct other business at the place most convenient for them.

branch office

Any secondary or ancillary place of business. Most states require branch offices of real estate companies to have their own broker-in-charge or qualifying broker,legally responsible for activities at that branch.

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Nterprise Branch Office uses industry standards and fits easily into mixed environments, working with Linux, Windows or NetWare in the data center along with Windows, UNIX*, Linux, Macintosh* and Web clients, although no client is required.
Scottrade's Wayne branch office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.
New branch office signs - to promote fiscal responsibility and make better use of existing resources, outdated branch office signs are being modified to read "Secretary of State, http://www.
Scottrade does not offer investment advice, but brokers are available at branch offices to answer account-related questions, provide customer service and offer tutorials on Scottrade's trading services.
The Baltimore branch office will be Scottrade's 302nd location nationwide.
Scottrade's new branch office will be more convenient for many of our customers," Dikeman said.
Our new branch office will accommodate the rapid growth in Charlotte County," said Bob Keppler, Scottrade branch manager.
The Grandville branch office will be Scottrade's second area location.
West Chester Branch Office Will Provide Customer Service, Support for Online Investors
Midlothian Branch Office Will Provide Customer Service, Support for Online Investors
Online Investors in Eastern Connecticut Will Have Convenience of Local Branch Office
The new branch office opens on Monday, March 26 in the Westgate Marketplace Shopping Center in Katy, Texas.