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Amanda, 44, turned heads by going braless in a clingy white Givenchy dress, with cutouts at the thigh.
The latest version of Android has a special directory of words, like intercourse, coitus, screwing, lovemaking, butt, geek, and medical terms like gonadatrophia, irrumination, thud, LSAT, pizzle, as well as related to reproductive health and undergarments like Tampax, lactation, preggers, panty, braless, uterus, STI, condom which do not appear in the autocomplete feature of the OS, Wired reports.
An invitation to sex was implied, Dewar suggested, because the victim was braless and wearing a tube top, high heels and plenty of makeup when she left a bar with a friend in 2006.
3 Go braless while your tan is developing, or invest in a soft black sports bra to avoid getting ugly strapmarks.
Proving that proper gardens have just as much, (if not more) pulling power than a braless TV gardener, the event attracts more than 3,000 visitors.
The Born This Way singer made sure she stayed true to form by going braless in a semi-sheer dress to Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet To Come at Radio City hursday.
Braless Beyonce, 33, watched the fight in Las Vegas with hubby Jay-Z - and some fans declared on social media they would rather watch her than the action in the ring.
London, July 30 ( ANI ): Robert Pattinson stepped out with a braless Aussie singer Sia Furler, after attending the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert at the swanky Roosevelt Hotel.
She can't do both, although she took a heroic stab at it last week doing her commentaries braless, wearing skimpy T-shirts with nipples so erect they look like doorstops (until for decency's sake the BBC have decided to just shoot her from the neck up).
Am I as comfortable going braless now as I was back in the late 60's during my hippie stage?