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effects of the brain drain on the level of education, whether through
The strongest brain drain rallying cry has come from Nortel Networks CEO John Roth, a proponent of the low-corporate tax, low-personal tax approach.
The Migration of Knowledge Workers: Second-Generation Effects of India's Brain Drain.
Research shows that small countries suffer disproportionately from brain drain.
According to estimates of the 1990s, the education and up bringing of each college graduate costs the country about $1 million, he said, explaining his calculation of the cost of the brain drain.
President of the Podkrepa ("Support") Labor Confederation Konstantin Trenchev was more precise, and provided an estimate that brain drain cost Bulgaria BGN 40 B (appr.
The Arab world has long suffered from the brain drain phenomenon which has deprived the region from qualified individuals, dramatically hampering development efforts across its countries, said Janine Al Tal, Director of Knowledge and Education, Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation
In this volume, Hewlett describes the work of the Hidden Brain Drain Task Force, a group of 34 global companies committed to identifying better ways of recruiting, retaining, and "re-attaching" the best female talent.
Organizers hope this year's theme, "Roadmap for the Knowledge Driven Economy," will help professionals to collectively chart a course of action to replenish city blocks drained by factors such as the demise of the manufacturing industry, outsourcing and a brain drain of intellectuals fleeing economically challenged areas.
Sheridan dismissed claims the new tax would spark a brain drain of key workers.
I've had to explain that their arrival in this world and the demands of parenthood (see above) were a considerable brain drain and it's now time for me to re-stock the old grey matter.
Midland universities could suffer a brain drain with academics fleeing the country to find better paid jobs, unions have warned.