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By now, of course, a boycott means a lot more than ostracizing an individual.
Less than 1 percent of taxpayers who had operations in countries known to participate in boycotts not sanctioned by the U.
But far worse is a third law that is certain to pass its final stages within a few weeks: the law to outlaw the boycott of the settlements.
However, for the economic boycott to be truly seen as legitimate by most Israelis and by many supporters of Israel, the thinking that informs it must be considerably refined.
The boycott was caused by something more than an "insignificant joke.
Boycotts allow people to be mobilized and fight indirectly which is literally giving power to the people.
Most people don't pay attention to boycotts anymore.
Unions are rejecting the employer's demand that the boycott is called off before negotiations can start.
The work boycott, she said, could prove more troublesome.
One claims Bulgaria is a poor country, therefore we should not boycott and it is the people of Bulgaria who will suffer as a result of a boycott.
CFAC estimates that 300,000 people were prepared to take part in the boycott.