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Bow legs make the knees appear wide apart and the legs look like a circle, while knock knees is a condition which makes the knees appear to bend inward towards each other.
Rickets can result in stunted growth, delays in motor development and bow legs in children.
The combination of torque placed on the infant's legs during fetal development and the normal presence of externally rotated hip joints causes bow legs in infants.
He was a skilful player and his bow legs made it easy for him to do the step over trick which fooled a lot of defenders.
KNEES UP Posing with her partner Brad Pitt THIGH THERE Ange pauses to flash her leg again onstage before presenting award BOW LEGS The spoof Twitter picture of Angelina NO CALF MEASURES Angelina shakes a leg on red carpet
They had the cartoon bow legs, Stetson hats and thick accents.
NEW TRADITIONS To create a modern take on classics, use furnishings with ornate detailing such as the scrolling and antiquing on the sideboard, the bow legs of the chairs and buttons of the armchairs.