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French for a stock market.


1. A term for a stock exchange in Europe.

2. Informal for the Paris Bourse.


The common name for a securities exchange located in Europe.


Bourse is the French term for a stock exchange, meaning, literally, purse. The national stock market of France, a totally electronic market, is known as the Paris Bourse.

The term is used throughout Europe and worldwide as a synonym for stock exchange, though it generally isn't used in the United States.

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By purchasing Jasdaq shares from the JSDA, the OSE plans to make Jasdaq a subsidiary and then combine the bourse with its similar market for emerging companies, called Hercules, in a bid to rival Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc.
Cette tendance negative n'a pas epargne hier les marches asiatiques, la Bourse de Tokyo finissant la seance sur un recul de 1,55%, alors que les Bourses de Shanghai et Hong Kong etaient egalement orientees a la baisse.
The Osaka bourse operator intends to maintain the Jasdaq brand, and combine the trading systems of the two bourses to cut operating costs.
The Tokyo bourse changed its organizational structure in August, setting up the regulatory company and Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc.
The Osaka Securities Exchange listed Tuesday an exchange-traded fund whose value is linked to a key Shanghai Stock Exchange index, becoming the first Japanese bourse to list an ETF linked to a foreign bourse's stock index.
Participants in the symposium, organized by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, generally agreed that while many bourses are turning into stock companies amid global realignment of stock exchanges, they should not only seek profits but also enhance capabilities to monitor markets.
Kansai Commodities Exchange Chairman Makoto Iwamura said the move would enhance its competitive edge over rival bourses.
In addition, the two bourses were found to have taken inadequate steps to prepare for failures of their computer systems for transaction settlements in cases of natural disasters or other contingencies.
The TSE may launch a buyout of foreign bourses,'' he said, emphasizing that the Tokyo bourse will be able to obtain the massive amount of funds necessary for system development from the market by going public.
The on-the-spot examinations marked the first such regulatory action since the founding of the two bourses.
System glitches have recently caused a series of problems at Japan's bourses.
Desormais les etablissements de credits seront majoritaires dans le nouveau tour de table de la Bourse avec 39% suivi de la CDG 25% et des societes de bourses independantes qui vont detenir 20%.