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A set line denoting the extremities of a country, government, legal jurisdiction or property. Borders for governments or jurisdictions are agreed between parties or set by a higher authority. Borders between properties are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new borders within his old property.


The perimeter of a property as fixed in the legal property description. Boundary line disputes are common,emotional,and often end up in years of litigation and sometimes mayhem.If one is buying property in a subdivision, it is advisable to have the seller locate and point out the markers at the corners of the property.These may or may not be consistent with fence lines, shrubberies, driveways, or even structures built on the wrong side of the boundary.If buying nonsubdivision property, employ the services of a licensed professional surveyor to determine the proper boundary.

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Siam was made part of the Empire, and, in spite of all that England could do, Burma and the Malay Peninsula were overrun; while all along the long south boundary of Siberia, Russia was pressed severely by China's advancing hordes.
Napal and Bhutan were overrun, and the whole northern boundary of India pressed against by this fearful tide of life.
The many islands, with their willow-trees, and the flat headlands, seen one behind the other on the northern boundary of the broad green valley, form, by the aid of a bright sun, a view almost picturesque.
I returned to the church, and walked round it till I came to the back of the building; then crossed the boundary wall beyond, by another of the stone stiles, and found myself at the head of a path leading down into a deserted stone quarry.
While boundary scan is widely adopted, challenges are bound to happen during the implementation phase that will frustrate test and design engineers.
The following 10 |draft community boundary changes are recommended to be rejected by the full council: 1.
Boundary scan has become an important limited access solution for printed circuit board assemblies, and includes tests for digital integrated circuits interconnection, as well as testing and programming digital devices such as flash, EEPROM and serial peripheral interface (SPI) devices.
The topics include the history and concept of boundaries, the creation and interpretation of metes and bounds and other non-sectionalized descriptions, riparian and littoral boundaries, retracing and resurveying sectionalized lands, locating combination descriptions and conveyances, and the ethics and moral responsibilities of boundary creation and of retracements.
Yet, assembling and harmonizing attendance boundary geography for hundreds of school districts is simply too expensive and time-consuming for small research teams and daunting for scholars whose expertise lies outside the domain of geographic information systems (GIS).
In addition, I examine whether there is a connection between boundary trees and the tradition of commemoration by using cross-trees, that is whether the idea of a physical boundary between two areas corresponds to the belief in a boundary between life and death.
Single test strategies are often insufficient, leading to the array of test solutions we see today: ICT, MDA, AOI, AXI, AOXI, benchtop, bare board, on-board, flying probe, vectorless test and boundary scan.