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A set line denoting the extremities of a country, government, legal jurisdiction or property. Borders for governments or jurisdictions are agreed between parties or set by a higher authority. Borders between properties are set by a government or the original owner. An owner of property sometimes may subdivide and sell pieces, thereby creating new borders within his old property.


The perimeter of a property as fixed in the legal property description. Boundary line disputes are common,emotional,and often end up in years of litigation and sometimes mayhem.If one is buying property in a subdivision, it is advisable to have the seller locate and point out the markers at the corners of the property.These may or may not be consistent with fence lines, shrubberies, driveways, or even structures built on the wrong side of the boundary.If buying nonsubdivision property, employ the services of a licensed professional surveyor to determine the proper boundary.

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The review of boundaries by IEBC is expected to end a year to the 2022 General Election.
He said the agencies should be compelled to redraft the disputed boundaries adding that the Mtito Andei boundary could easily be solved administratively by the two counties.
The SABINS database contains kindergarten through 12th grade attendance boundaries for three states (Delaware, Minnesota, and Oregon), roughly 600 school districts embedded within 13 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and more than 400 of the largest school districts.
Boundary development from broad intermediary zones to linear boundaries from the conquest to the 17th century depended on a number of factors: demographic growth, expansion of land use, scarcity of free lands, needs of land consolidation, desire to improve area management, reinforcement of rights to land ownership (Selart, 1998).
Counselors model boundaries for their clients by being consistently aware of and enforcing their personal boundaries.
Properly written, an association's constitution can allow for the routine expansion, contraction, termination, or other modification of the association and its boundaries as economic circumstances change, with a flexibility that would be more difficult to achieve in the public sector.
Comments on the rationale for the LHIN boundaries and the relationship between LHIN boundaries and current and future service patterns.
For others, such boundary crossing is a sign of liberation, reversing illegitimate racial boundaries of an earlier generation.
Our physical boundaries are perhaps the most familiar.
For Smith, breaking and disrupting boundaries in theater and society culminate in the execution of Charles I in 1649, an event prepared for by the theater which preceded it: "the merging of theater, festive topsy-turviness and punishment in the mid-seventeenth century may owe much to the deconsecration of authority in the drama that preceded it, but the drama of the early seventeenth century owes as much to the highly experimental and bold invocation of .
As chip makers shrink circuits ever smaller, making them increasingly vulnerable to tiny defects, researchers will need ways to monitor surface smoothness and atomic order at boundaries between the layers.
In the sciences, research is becoming more broadly based and collaborative and, increasingly, information, techniques, and tools are being imported and exported across disciplinary boundaries.