bottom feeder

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Bottom Fishing

An investment strategy in which one buys high-risk stocks in companies that have recently dropped dramatically in price. The investor buys the stock in the belief that the drop is due to panic selling, rather than a serious fault in the company, and that the company will recover. The number of bottom fishers may increase in a prolonged bear market. See also: Distressed securities.

bottom feeder

A derogatory term for someone who buys distressed properties; one who profits from the misfortunes or poor management of others.

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What amazes me about the small gun dealers who are doing transfers for bottom-feeding websites is they think they're making money.
He then pretended to speak to Guru-Murthy, 45, and said: "You are a bottom-feeding muckraker.
The Raiders also have a favorable matchup against bottom-feeding Jacksonville, who is 23rd in pass defense.
Noda, known for being a good orator, became prime minister after winning the DPJ presidential election in August last year, gaining more votes than expected after delivering a speech in which he compared himself to the humble loach, a bottom-feeding fish.
Helmer Stephan Elliott boldly goes where almost no one wanted him to go again toward "Welcome to WoopWoop's" no-brow scatology while "Death at a Funeral" scribe Dean Craig recycles that hit's ideas in "A Few Best Men," the kind of bottom-feeding yuckfest where a character's slip in dog poo within the first minutes sets the tenor for the next 90 or so.
Clock-watching referees, bottom-feeding journalists, and multi-millionaire players are trapped in destiny's tornado.
Through study of Mammalodon, I hypothesise that it was a bottom-feeding mud-sucker that may have used its tongue and short, blunt snout to suck small prey from sand and mud on the seafloor.
These tarpon aren't beach cruisers like the fish back in June and July, but are much more inclined to be bottom-feeding scavengers.
One ponders that as we see the fresh faces in Washington replace the bullheads whoAEve been bottom-feeding for eight painful years, and one is full of hope that the replacements will do the right thing and serve the common good, but then we are the same people who planned to converse in French about toothaches, and that didnAEt happen either.
The next time I went to the shop, months later, it was to buy a small bottom-feeding catfish to help clear the tank.
PCBs accumulate in fish tissue and have been responsible for many advisories to limit human consumption; the Washington State Department of Health warns of the possible adverse health risks of consuming English sole and other bottom-feeding fish from the lower Duwamish River due in the presence of PCBs, PAHs, and other toxic chemicals.