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Bottom Fishing

An investment strategy in which one buys high-risk stocks in companies that have recently dropped dramatically in price. The investor buys the stock in the belief that the drop is due to panic selling, rather than a serious fault in the company, and that the company will recover. The number of bottom fishers may increase in a prolonged bear market. See also: Distressed securities.
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bottom feeder

A derogatory term for someone who buys distressed properties; one who profits from the misfortunes or poor management of others.

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Then, who will do the FFL transfers for bottom-feeding websites?
There is less food for bottom-feeding animals like walruses.
And then there's the bottom-feeding administration bag man, Al "No Controlling Legal Authority" Gore, who never missed a chance to finger his capo as "da greatest I eva' seen."
Stark proof for anyone with common sense now emerges that the lowest (read: bottom-feeding) stratum of the American plaintiff's bar can, when exposed to huge fees gained by lawyers in the tobacco suits, lose all pretense of honor and ethics.
It's normal for bottom-feeding fish such as koi carp to pick up stones and spit them out when rummaging for food - but yours obviously bit off more than it could chew!
But when the waters cleared enough to allow light to reach further down, the system "flipped" or re-organized itself into a state favouring benthic (bottom-feeding) fish.
This is good news for bottom-feeding fish, which take them in abundance as blood worms.
With its gangly whiskers, bulging eyes, and bottom-feeding reputation, the catfish may not be the most comely of fish.
From leopard sharks to sturgeon, the Bay's bottom-feeding fish can provide plenty of sport and tasty eating.
Here is one species that gets less respect than a bottom-feeding carp.
For some reason they like the crab at mid depth, like it's trying to get away from the bottom-feeding ray.