bottom feeder

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Bottom Fishing

An investment strategy in which one buys high-risk stocks in companies that have recently dropped dramatically in price. The investor buys the stock in the belief that the drop is due to panic selling, rather than a serious fault in the company, and that the company will recover. The number of bottom fishers may increase in a prolonged bear market. See also: Distressed securities.

bottom feeder

A derogatory term for someone who buys distressed properties; one who profits from the misfortunes or poor management of others.

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Tests were conducted on the top and bottom feeding of 15-mm bottom-gated plates.
But in April - particularly if the weather is cold - most of the trout are still bottom feeding.
And a lot of folks use this opportunity to take reds, naturally a bottom feeding fish, on topwater lures.
The majority of fish are now reportedly bottom feeding so anglers utilising a single caster on a size 20 hook (just off bottom) are finding that to be the winning formula, especially when fished over ground bait.