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Creating a theoretical spot rate curve using one yield projection as the basis for the yield of the next maturity. Bootstrapping follows the work of Efron. It involves a Monte Carlo approach.
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1. To start a company with personal finances rather than through loans or venture capital. This is obviously a large risk to the entrepreneur as he/she has no recourse should the business fail. On the other hand, it allows the entrepreneur to maintain control of the business and has the potential to be very successful. It is famously said that Ross Perot established Electronic Data Systems with $1,000 in personal savings; he maintained complete control of the company until its IPO six years later. This is an example of bootstrapping. See also: Seed money.

2. To calculate the yield curve on a zero-coupon Treasury bill. Because the U.S. Treasury does not issue new T-bills constantly, bootstrapping is used to create a yield curve by filling in the missing yields on the T-bills.
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Justin Bott, director of marketing and operations at Grow Utah, a nonprofit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, has advised over 1,000 entrepreneurs during his career and agrees that bootstrapping is often beneficial.
These bootstrapping algorithms began with a few seed nouns for the semantic category of interest and identified nouns that co-occurred with the seeds, in close proximity or in specific syntactic constructions (Riloff and Shepherd 1997; Roark and Charniak 1998).
We may implement a trade-off between computation and storage complexity of bootstrapping. We delete part of the bootstrapping keys and compute them online when running Rounding procedure.
According to Schofield (2015), financial bootstrapping allows small business owners to create new financial resources or stretch existing resources without using debt, a venture capitalist, or other external means to attain required capital.
Finally, for the logit results in Table 1, in comparing the results for the population weighted model with bootstrap weights (iii) to the unweighted model (i), many of the significance levels were similar between the unweighted model and the population weighted model with bootstrapping. There were no variables for which the significance levels changed from being insignificant (p = .05) to being significant (p < .05), or vice versa.
Because prior studies showed inconsistent results on the effect of dialectical bootstrapping on the improvement of estimation, and an explanation for the effect of the procedure and an explanation against it co-exists, it is necessary to examine effect of bootstrapping procedure on the improvement of quantitative estimation again.
Having described the types of nonlinear functions of estimated parameters that arise frequently in health services research applications, we now describe three approaches to computing the standard errors of those functions: the delta method, Krinsky and Robb, and bootstrapping. (See Hole [2007] for a comparison of methods applied to willingness to pay measures.) The choice often depends on the application.
Other available tools (e.g., bootstrapping and Bayesian methods) are used less frequently.
The procedure used by Taylor for performing a change-point analysis iteratively uses a combination of cumulative sum charts (CUSUM) and bootstrapping to detect the changes.
“We've been bootstrapping for over 2 years now by planning and selling customized holidays while focusing relentlessly on developing the recommender platform and curate original content.