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Lear was not so full of historical allusions as Julius Caesar; the book cost four annas, but could be bought second-hand in Bow Bazar for two.
The same type of problem exists when the FMV of the LLC'S assets is less then the recorded book cost.
Tauziat offended many players on the circuit with comments in a book she authored about life as a professional tennis player and believes that her frankness in the book cost her a spot in the Olympics.
brunch, lecture and a copy of his book cost $40; lecture and brunch is $18; lecture only is $10.
The early redemption of these debentures coupled with the repayment on maturity of the April 25, 2005 Series B debentures will now enable RioCan to increase its leverage limit closer to 60% of the historic book cost of its total assets.
Since stock prices do not change in response, the study shows that the economic costs of using options were previously known regardless of whether book cost would be appearing among company P&L expenses for the first time.
The average facility has been owned for 12 years, resulting in a very low book cost basis.
In the upcoming Budget, the Government must make moves to further reduce book costs for parents by doubling the funding for rental schemes.
Each copy of the book costs pounds 20, with pounds 5 being donated to the Marina Dalglish Breast Cancer Trust.
Some of our favorite authors are involved, and the book costs only $55.
The book costs $149 for delivery in North America, while the CD-ROM disc costs $199.
The book costs $99 for PIA and Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) members, and the non-member price is $200.