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Braking systems generate substantial heat, so the fluid must have a high boiling point to remain effective.
Yet Boiling Point does not consider the financial, ideological, and personal interests that favor alarmism, such as the desire by scientists for more research funding; by activists for more donations, media attention, and political relevance; by journalists for better play and bigger book advances.
Gelbspan devotes a whole chapter of Boiling Point to the "deplorable job" the U.
For treating heavy contaminants with higher boiling points, such as heavy oils, the spacing would be closer.
Of particular interest to users of heavy-duty diesels, the Evans waterless coolants help avoid pump and cylinder liner cavitation erosion, again because of the large separation between operating temperature and coolant boiling point.
The units range in liquid capacity from 8 litres to 425 litres, with the larger machines offering a self-cleaning facility and a multi-scale timer to accommodate both high and low boiling point solvents.
Methylethylketone is also soluble in excess water, somewhat less in salt water, but it has a low boiling point 80 Celsius, and density about 081.
Sand cooling is achieved by reducing the boiling point of water to the desired sand temperature.
In Boiling Point as well as Sonatine, Kitano gives us an unaffected version of Joe Pesci's rampaging ham in Goodfellas.
1712) developed the pressure cooker, a vessel with a tightly fitted lid in which water was boiled and the accumulated steam created a pressure that raised water's boiling point.
Letting his ego out for a trot, Kevin Phillips begins Boiling Point by observing that during last year's presidential campaign, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Tom Harkin, Mario Cuomo, Jerry Brown, Lloyd Bentsen, Douglas Wilder, and Dick Gephardt all demonstrated that they had either read his last book, The Politics of Rich and Poor, "or drawn on its theses.
With a boiling point of 351[deg]C (664[deg]F), it has negligible contribution to a coating's VOC content.