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Board room

A room at a brokerage firm where its clients can watch an electronic board displaying stock prices and transactions. Also refers to the room where Board of Directors meetings take place.

Board Room

1. The room where the board of directors for any organization meets.

2. A room in a brokerage where clients and brokers can watch an electronic ticker where security prices are updated on a constant basis. See also: The Big Board.

board room

1. A room or section of a room in a brokerage office in which security prices are displayed.
2. The room in which a firm's board of directors meets.
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Hani Baloch Boardroom is incorporated within the Research and Publications Wing to facilitate it and also to serve a larger purpose as all official meetings of Lok Virsa will be held here.
Boardrooms across the Americas region are not highly gender diverse
The Boardroom Charity Challenge is an extension of the Society's wider financial education commitment, which sees it providing free seminars to Society members who want to learn more about how to manage their money.
As a small company, Boardroom Advisory Group provides me the tools to position Van Voorhis Productions as a top notch video production company.
TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "The public's unhappiness about excess boardroom pay is being represented at company AGMs by at least some of the people who manage their savings, investments and pension funds.
Powered by the SAP Hana platform and experienced through the SAP S/4Hana suite and analytics solutions from SAP, SAP Digital Boardroom understands the past, predicts the future, and drives execution.
When a company understands the "pain points" that exist within their boardroom --before, during and after meetings--it is able to recognize the various inefficiencies and identify the necessary solutions.
The boardroom was officially named after Prof Tarrant who was commended for his crucial role in developing international links during his time at the helm of the university.
So it is particularly welcome that a new initiative aimed at making boardrooms more diverse will be celebrated at Wembley today.
Diversity in the boardroom goes far beyond filling quotas or creating a board that just looks good to the public -- diverse boardroom composition is also good for business.
htm) Glass Ceiling: Addressing the Boardroom Gender Gap [BLOG]
Like Smith, Brown has swapped the dugout for the boardroom since he quit as Aberdeen boss this year.