board of equalization

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Board of Equalization

A generic term for a government agency responsible for tax collection. In the United States, different states use their boards of equalization to collect different taxes. However, they tend to deal with property tax and, less commonly, sales tax.

board of equalization

A local government board charged with the responsibility of ensuring equal property tax assessments.Normally,a property owner appeals to the board of equalization if dissatisfied with the tax assessment notice received for the year.

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They have successfully filed hundreds of tax returns with the California State Board of Equalization.
Similar issues were considered by the California State Board of Equalization in Appeal of Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Case No.
We have a perfect record in our cases with the California Board of Equalization, because our tax professionals have the details of this field of aircraft and marine vessel sales tax down absolutely cold, in all of its intricacy.
The City Council is still discussing the final tax rates and may propose a bill in Albany to dispense with the State Board of Equalization and Assessment (SBEA) data.
com) has obtained a sales and use tax exemption from the California Board of Equalization for their client, Tony G.
A newspaper reporter's inquiry regarding the Board of Equalization was recently posted on the TaxTalk listserve.
One of the most important weapons in a tax representative's arsenal is the right to inspect and receive a copy of a client's file that has been compiled by the California Franchise Tax Board (in respect of the income and franchise tax) or the California State Board of Equalization (in respect of the business tax) during an audit of the taxpayer.
The City Council Finance Division proposed at a public hearing last week that the State Board of Equalization and Assessment calculations be abandoned.

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