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1. A construction plan. It is called a blueprint because it historically has been printed on blue paper with white lines.

2. In photography, a copy of a periodical printed before final editing in which images are shown on blue paper.

3. Informal, a plan.


A detailed set of plans used as a guide for construction.Because of the economies of a very inexpensive method of creating and copying such plans, they were formerly characterized by white lines on blue paper.

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Our collaboration with Blueprint provides very robust requirements and documentation tools for customer implementations and internal product development," said Anand Moorthy, Vice President, Global Testing Practice, Financial Services, Capgemini.
During his paper, Shahid told delegates that when his store was re-merchandised by Blueprint for Wine advisors, he was surprised how much space they allocated to New World wines.
It remains unknown how the blueprints came into his possession.
To design the house, which was a winner in the 1990 Compact House Design competition, Watson pored over blueprints of a hundred existing solar home plans, and studied the results of his survey of 150 solar homes in Connecticut.
The blueprint outlines how a new VNF can be imported into a service catalog, where it can be blended with other services and presented for consumption by commercial product management.
Parfett revealed that a number of top grocery companies were now keen to adopt such principles to develop their own Blueprint plans.
Social Influencers Strategy Blueprint was developed to address this challenge.
Around 3,000 retailers have now been remerchandised for free under the Blueprint schemes, as the original Take Home Blueprint for beers and ciders goes into its eighth year and the Blueprint for Wine, supported by leading branded wine suppliers, enters its second year.
All future investment in regional areas will be guided by the priorities outlined in the blueprints, Dr Nahan said.
Adaptivity's Design Studio provides the IT design precision and automation to create tailored IT blueprints and prescriptive roadmaps that integrate the Fujitsu architecture, engineering and system operations into business-optimized IT designs.
Adaptivity, The IT Blueprint Company, provides an IT blueprinting software suite announced today that its Design Studio component of its Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM) will feature a knowledge module containing reference architectures and usage models to create tailored blueprints for building secure and efficient Intel-based applications for the cloud.
Adaptivity, The IT Blueprint Company, that provides an IT blueprinting software suite to enable companies to make intelligent decisions and integrate implementation actions announced today that Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has licensed the Adaptivity Design Studio to create tailored blueprints for dynamic applications using Hitachi solution knowledge and product portfolio.