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1. A construction plan. It is called a blueprint because it historically has been printed on blue paper with white lines.

2. In photography, a copy of a periodical printed before final editing in which images are shown on blue paper.

3. Informal, a plan.


A detailed set of plans used as a guide for construction.Because of the economies of a very inexpensive method of creating and copying such plans, they were formerly characterized by white lines on blue paper.

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Adaptivity, The IT Blueprint Company, provides an IT blueprinting software suite announced today that its Design Studio component of its Blueprint 4IT Lifecycle Suite (TM) will feature a knowledge module containing reference architectures and usage models to create tailored blueprints for building secure and efficient Intel-based applications for the cloud.
0 release, the Troux Blueprinting System continues to meet our customers' growing blueprint scope, size, integration and workload demands.
Hubbell Lighting and Ideal Aerosmith are the first two customers to benefit from this partnership and deploy Certeon's S-Series Appliances with the Application Acceleration Blueprint for Solid Edge Insight to speed design downloads over the WAN.
Process Blueprints is an attractive offering to companies who need to realize quickly what is necessary to improve their software development process," said Ralph Alexander, CEO and president of Blueprint Technologies.
With a call for more efficiency in corporate risk assessment, the BPS Blueprint Activity Planner fills a growing gap in the current GRC software market to address rapid risk modeling - start to finish.
LogicLibrary looks forward to contributing to the important work being done by the OASIS SOA Adoption Blueprints Committee.
The OASIS Committee expects that external parties will continue to use these blueprints as patterns for comparable implementation examples.
1,000,000aire Blueprints is published by Spinks Publishing in Arlington, Texas, and printed by Motheral Printing Company in Fort Worth, Texas.
Based in Fairfax, Virginia, NISCO, The Blueprints for Your Bottom Line(TM) company is focused on delivering factor(TM) technology related to spend management & revenue assurance.
The Troux Blueprinting System generates up-to-date blueprints and diagrams of a complete IT infrastructure based on the data in the Repository.
IT management blueprints serve as a link between the CIO's strategies for business alignment and administrative tools needed for day-to-day infrastructure management.
The Cisco CallManager Express with Cisco Unity Express solution is just one of 10 adaptable, how-to blueprints for Cisco customers and partners interested in learning more about enabling a full-service solution for their small or enterprise branch office locations.