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AFLMA's initial team to support ECSS blueprinting was composed of MSgt Dredden, MSgt Benton, and Captain Crow.
Enterprise Blueprinting consisted of Walking the Diamond, as we mapped out the future state of Air Force logistics using the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.
In fact, during the launch of the Business Blueprinting initiative, Unisys chairman and CEO Larry Weinbach said that there is a backlog of demand for IT projects, but that the uncertainty in the business environment and past excesses, especially during the Y2K, ERP, and dot-com booms where IT organizations around the globe spent $60bn on IT gears and wares with little return or business justification, are keeping a lid on spending.
Business Blueprinting is an attempt by Unisys to identify and fix the real problems with IT projects, which anyone in the industry will immediately identify with.
"The use of WebSphere and the Rational tool set combined with the Unisys Business Blueprinting methodology will deliver real value to those customers.