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1. A construction plan. It is called a blueprint because it historically has been printed on blue paper with white lines.

2. In photography, a copy of a periodical printed before final editing in which images are shown on blue paper.

3. Informal, a plan.


A detailed set of plans used as a guide for construction.Because of the economies of a very inexpensive method of creating and copying such plans, they were formerly characterized by white lines on blue paper.

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The blueprint highlights how a dynamic service inventory, virtualised infrastructure, complex event processing and order orchestration work seamlessly together, to dynamically scale the virtual environment; removing service-affecting conditions and maintaining the customer experience.
Running two three-month intensive programs per year, Blueprint Health companies receive seed capital, office space, and most critically, access to a broad range of mentors with deep healthcare, start-up and technology experience.
The Blueprint was never designed to be a document that sat on the shelf and gathered dust.
8220;BluePrint Data is very excited about this challenge,” said Bob Dahlstrom BluePrint Data's CEO.
He said the Blueprint work of the past four years had allowed Mace to develop ranging recommendations for stores that were specifically tailored to meet the needs of shoppers in their area.
Treasurer Mike Nahan said the blueprints were designed to be forward-looking strategy documents, outlining regional growth opportunities and investment required to unlock growth.
8220;BluePrint Data is happy to extend our Zero False Positive Internet Filtering promotion until the end of September 2012 to continue proving our value to potential customers,” said Bob Dahlstrom BluePrint Data's CEO.
We have demonstrated that we can dramatically improve the software development performance of our initial set of Global 2000 customers, leaving us well positioned as a leading requirements platform as global demand takes off," says David Nyland, President & CEO of Blueprint.
The results demonstrated that TV Blueprint delivers stronger targeting and engagement results than previous iChannel auto campaigns that used traditional contextual media schedules.
com)-- BluePrint Data today announced the beta release of its private label brandable cloud based DNS Internet Filtering Services.