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Blue Book

A publication estimating the value of automobiles. It is especially known for used vehicles, but is also provides values for new cars, motor homes and other vehicles. It was first published in 1926, and is formally known as the Kelley Blue Book.

Blue book

Any number of pocket-sized reference books on a wide variety of topics.The ones most relevant to real estate are The Blue Book of Building and Construction (,The Apartment Blue Book (,and The Realty Blue Book.

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(28) Recognizing that more than one of these may apply, the Bluebook dictates the order in which they should appear: (1) (emphasis added); (2) (alteration in original); (3) (citation(s) omitted); (4) (emphasis removed); (5) (internal quotation marks omitted); and (6) (footnote(s) omitted).
Each new edition of The Bluebook is heralded in with a list of the significant rule changes, so you can quickly see what's new.
I made a number of specific criticisms of The Bluebook in that piece, and I will not repeat them.
Thus, The Bluebook has codified an anxiety of authority by having as its philosophical predicate the very same assumption that characterizes the authorial persona that emerged, at least in part, as a result of legal academics seeking acceptance within the official legal narrative.
A leavening of bluebooks will certainly add depth and context to Gothic studies in this period, and their inclusion in undergraduate and taught-masters programmes may well point the way to some new conclusions with regard to the quality of works put out by those authors traditionally regarded as canonical in the field.
I will not be engaging in a comparative critique of the ALWD Manual and The Bluebook; that discussion has been conducted elsewhere, with the balance of the debate favoring the ALWD Manual.
--(2000b) "Monetary Policy Alternatives." Bluebook (January 28).
NAIFA members will be receiving these tools at a significant discount, and Bluebook will jointly participate with NAIFA in training and education.
For years, TRIAL has followed Bluebook style when citing source materials, but beginning this month, the magazine is switching to ALWD style.
The Cost Approach Industry Survey recently performed by Strategic Development Worldwide and sponsored by BlueBook International, provides some insight into how the lending industry is actually handling the cost approach dilemma, including the reliance for insurance purposes.
The Soya & Oilseed Bluebook 2006 Soyatech Published 2005 Paperback 416 pages Price: 65.00 [pounds sterling] US: Soyatech
But the process of producing the minutes begins even before the meeting, as the standard staff summaries of the economic and financial situation (for example, the Greenbook and the Bluebook) prepared for each meeting become available a few days ahead of the meeting.