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Blue Book

A publication estimating the value of automobiles. It is especially known for used vehicles, but is also provides values for new cars, motor homes and other vehicles. It was first published in 1926, and is formally known as the Kelley Blue Book.

Blue book

Any number of pocket-sized reference books on a wide variety of topics.The ones most relevant to real estate are The Blue Book of Building and Construction (,The Apartment Blue Book (,and The Realty Blue Book.

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While citation formats for administrative materials are generally found in Bluebook Rule 14, Rule 14.
I acknowledge that many of the citation forms that I use conform to forms found in The Bluebook, though those forms are ones largely unchanged from the first edition, published in 1926, which itself largely codified existing practices.
To help consumers and businesses resell with confidence, Sage BlueBook includes informational pages about data erasure, and how to buy, sell, donate, and recycle used technology.
In case of any violation, he said, penalties will be imposed on the trader as per the Bluebook.
The Bluebook recognizes for the first time that many state and federal courts promulgate local citation rules, which take precedence over Bluebook rules in documents submitted in those jurisdictions.
So the two parties have squared off: In this corner, we have the Bluebook with its history as the ultimate authority on citation form.
In a frustrating omission, the editors of the Bluebook no longer tell us how to signal that the proposition obviously follows from the cited authority (with an inferential step), although not directly stated in it.
PUSHY, a high-class two-year-old and dam of Bluebook and Myself, has been retired from broodmare duty at the age of 23 by Lady Tavistock.
Ordinarily, the Bluebook editors bless us with a new edition every five years, and the 17th wasn't due until 2001.
Has the treasury Department identified any provisions affecting the business community that especially require either clarification in the bluebook or technical correction?
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