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1. In technical analysis, a situation in which the supply and demand for a security are largely the same. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. Technical analysts look for signals that a line is ready to break one way or another before recommending that investors take a position on a security.

2. Informal; workers in a large, industrial company. They are called the line because, historically, they assembled the parts of a product while literally standing next to each other in a long line, also called an assembly line.


In technical analysis, a horizontal pattern on a price chart indicating a period during which supply and demand for a security are relatively equal. Technical analysts generally look for the price to break away from the line, at which time they are likely to take a position in the direction of the movement. See also making a line.
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While the Israeli soldiers did not breach the Blue Line, they did cross Lebanon's internationally recognized frontier by some 60 meters, thus exposing a little-known and deliberate deviation of the Blue Line from Lebanon's southern border.
When the taxi arrives, the driver rings my mobile phone and it vibrates, so I know that the taxi is waiting outside - Valerie Nunn, pictured above with Jav Ramzan of Blue Line Taxis Picture by DAVE CHARNLEY
The Southampton market is currently dominated by First - which runs 300 vehicles - Solent Blue Line and some smaller operators.
Krash5ski gives it away when he adopts a tone not unlike Klein's and says without qualification, "I can reach everywhere," or when he compares his blue line, "length unknown," to the territorial marking of a wolf.
By upgrading the Blue Line, this project will improve access to 21st century transportation for the entire region.
Perhaps some identification could be put at both ends of the blue line.
It's not cheap--$249 gets the device, an optical sensor, portable wireless monitor, and WiFi gateway--but Blue Line claims that customers who use the product save up to 18% on energy costs.
Blue Line Innovations has been active in the business of real time energy feedback for 6 years with over 100,000 PowerCost Monitors(TM) in the market since 2003.
Aaron Paige takes the Blue Line from his home in Long Beach to the Red Line in North Hollywood, where he boards the 163 bus to his parts-assembly job off Tampa Avenue.
Hat Trick has changed the name of the division to Blue Line Distributing effective immediately.
Major-General Portolano expressed his deepest appreciation for the continued commitment that the parties have demonstrated in maintaining the cessation of hostilities: "The tripartite forum remains and indispensable instrument to address issues of vital importance to maintaining the cessation of hostilities, and find agreed solutions with the parties on contentious issues along the Blue Line.
The city of Charlotte, North Carolina has been presented a GBP78 deal to Balfour Beatty PLC to construct the track and systems components for the new Charlotte Area Transit System Lynx Blue Line Extension.