blue laws

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Blue Law

A law intended to enforce religious morality. In general, blue laws refer to public observance of holy days through the restriction of commerce. While most blue laws in the United States have been repealed, many states restrict the sale of alcohol on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. Other countries have similar restrictions on Jewish, Islamic and other holidays.

blue laws

Laws that prevent the transaction of certain business on Sundays, prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages any day of the week; and/or place severe limitations on the manner and hours of sale of alcoholic beverages.These laws originated in colonial New England and were printed on blue paper. It is important to know and understand all local blue laws in a market area because,for example, many national restaurant chains will not open locations where Sunday liquor sales are prohibited.

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Following his sources, Twain dates the American Blue Laws to 1641, the year of the Interregnum.
In numerous cases brought before the Supreme Court, the blue laws were upheld.
Yet, I doubt that our representatives and senators, controlled either by Democrats or Republicans, have the courage to repeal the Blue Laws.
Shorter workdays became more important than rest on Sunday, and American courts and society found practically any commercial activity to be a necessity and thus exempt from blue laws.
Just as the repeals of the Blue Laws likely led to the addition of part-time jobs to cover Sundays, average weekly hours also would have been affected by the steady proliferation throughout the United States of shopping malls, with their numerous stores remaining open longer hours throughout the week than had been the case in earlier years.
THE second running of the Larkhill National - a four-mile mixed open - produced a cracking contest and a triumph for a one-horse stable when Caroline Tuffin, 19, took command in the closing stages on redoubtable stayer Blue Laws, the horse on whom she had gained her only previous success, at the East Devon almost exactly a year before.
Adding to that has been a recent repeal of Quebec's blue laws which previously required all retailers except drug stores to close on Sundays.
After a succession of blue laws limiting travel on Sunday, Connecticut passed a law providing that people could not go from their homes unless to attend worship or perform some indispensable task.
Agreement Expands Sunday Alcohol Sales at Restaurants and Bars as Part of Comprehensive Blue Laws Overhaul.
SOUTHBRIDGE -- The Tri-Community YMCA on Everett Street, which is thankfully not subject to Massachusetts blue laws, will have separate activities aimed at feeding people who are in need on Thanksgiving Day.
While for years he's waged a high-profile campaign to encourage "family Fridays," as a lawmaker he says he'd promote quality family time partly by extending blue laws across the country.