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and Trichoconus padwickii are generally isolated in higher frequencies from rice grains on blotter plates.
O meio BDA e mais rico em nutrientes, ao contrario do blotter, e isso provavelmente favoreceu uma maior recuperacao de fungos.
Ink blotters like the ones seen here were among the many wartime products to feature Grandpop.
For its hugely popular "Best of Blotter" annual issue, City Paper groups its items under labels such as "Crimes With Urine" or "Spoken Word Art," for particularly graphic telephone harassment reports.
Carefully open the map on top of the blotter paper.
The newsletter also serves as a police blotter, noting arrests and clashes between Native Americans and "occupation forces"; a calendar of events; a newspaper of record, noting deaths and graduations; and a book store offering numerous scholarly works and first-person accounts.
First, most LSD was circulated on tiny squares of blotter paper (and still is).
In front of the reconstruction of Rousseau's tomb in Ermenonville, I ingested a blotter of "Mad Hatter." (I had wanted to get a few tabs of "Hofmann," which shows the inventor of LSD on his bicycle, but it wasn't available.)
In the Paw Print Press, birth and wedding announcements, obituaries, City Council meetings, the police blotter and local features share space alongside articles about Itasca High School athletics, school cafeteria menus and honor roll lists.
Churchill's blotter in the map room where he master- minded major battles got a soaking.
MARK: The model I saw was about the size of a large desk blotter piled six inches high with books.
By contrast, a promotion during his earlier tenure at Nynex Image Recognition Systems triggered a switch of Loris's desk blotter, stapler, and garbage can from green to the higher ranking color of red, he recounts with a laugh.