blighted area

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Blighted Area

A location where multiple buildings are dilapidated or abandoned. Blighted areas are marked by low property values, crime and capital flight. Many municipalities take steps to reduce blight; for example, a city may offer a tax incentive for a business to move into a blighted area or a grant to repair a building. Some blighted areas, however, are considered to be beyond repair.

blighted area

A declining area suffering from seriously decreasing property values and not likely to recover without some outside intervention.More than simply a market slip,a blighted area can be identified by deteriorating buildings,increased crime rates,and decreased occupancies.

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Alabama, for example, requires that "[n]ot less than 50 percent, by area, of the real property within the tax increment district is a blighted area and is in need of rehabilitation.
The project is one of several in the city focused on restoring blighted areas.
State law defines blighted areas as those that, for various reasons, "have become economic and social liabilities, and that such conditions are conducive to ill health, transmission of disease, crime or inability to pay reasonable taxes" When Mint Properties (Mint), the owner of two office buildings on the block, refused to sell, Centene filed a condemnation action to acquire the property.
With proper evaluation and implementation, TIF districts may be used to increase the welfare, prosperity, and living conditions of Arkansans, and to reduce the number of blighted areas in our state.
The state constitution authorizes the taking of private property for redevelopment of a blighted area, statutorily defined as an area not properly utilized because of "the condition of the title, diverse ownership of the property therein or other conditions, resulting in a stagnant or not fully productive condition of land .
In this case, we went off-site and built new homes on a regular city street to try to help transform a blighted area," Greene said.
Dr Atkinson said: ``A great deal of effort has gone into Birmingham's most blighted area.
Nearly $1 million in demolition expenses within a blighted area of Washington, DC has made way for Centex Homes' latest construction project, Danbury Station.
But the city maintains that the deal, which supplements Caruso's own $170 million investment, is fair and necessary to turn a blighted area that has not been producing much tax revenue into a vibrant part of downtown.
By combining forces of three quality developers, we will work together to maximize the potential of a blighted area of Riverside.
Team members said they hope the award will kick-start plans to redevelop a partially blighted area along Van Nuys Boulevard, between the Southern Pacific railroad tracks and Parthenia Street.
The authority will simply give the redevelopment agency the tools to continue revitalizing the blighted area, city staff said.