blighted area

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Blighted Area

A location where multiple buildings are dilapidated or abandoned. Blighted areas are marked by low property values, crime and capital flight. Many municipalities take steps to reduce blight; for example, a city may offer a tax incentive for a business to move into a blighted area or a grant to repair a building. Some blighted areas, however, are considered to be beyond repair.
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blighted area

A declining area suffering from seriously decreasing property values and not likely to recover without some outside intervention.More than simply a market slip,a blighted area can be identified by deteriorating buildings,increased crime rates,and decreased occupancies.

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"It is not going to prevent development of truly blighted areas," Berliner told Real Estate Weekly.
The appellate court rejected this argument because, under the Missouri Constitution, the legislature must enact laws expressly granting or necessarily implying that non-charter cities have the authority to "utilize eminent domain to eliminate blighted areas" for such authority to exist.
(38) Second, funds are used to improve infrastructure in the blighted area, which it is assumed will attract additional business to the area.
After 40 years and about $200 million, the downtown renewal district is still a blighted area. We need to end urban renewal because it is both ineffective and unprincipled.
In response to Kohl's asking what an appropriate "public use" for condemning private property is, Sotomayor incorrectly claimed that Kelo upheld a taking in an economically blighted area. "Kelo is now a precedent of the court.
"We will continue to work with the remaining land owners and businesses as we move forward with our plans to transform this blighted area into a center of economic opportunity and job creation," said Seth Pinsky, EDC's president.
(10) In Missouri, the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act (11) requires a finding that "'the redevelopment area on the whole is a blighted area, a conservation area, or an economic development area.'" (12)
(12) Florida law defines a "blighted area" as one in which there are deteriorated and deteriorating structures where economic distress or endangerment to life or property exists.
Third, with the advent of modern urban renewal programs, nonblighted property may be condemned simply because it happens to fall within a larger blighted area. (65) When such a taking occurs, property that is so pristine that it cannot be classified as "blighted" might still be condemned if it is included in a larger redevelopment zone because it is located near property that is blighted.
In that blighted area, the county agreed its property tax receipts would be frozen at the 1986 level, while the city would take everything over that amount--plus the additional city property taxes, of course.