blighted area

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Blighted Area

A location where multiple buildings are dilapidated or abandoned. Blighted areas are marked by low property values, crime and capital flight. Many municipalities take steps to reduce blight; for example, a city may offer a tax incentive for a business to move into a blighted area or a grant to repair a building. Some blighted areas, however, are considered to be beyond repair.

blighted area

A declining area suffering from seriously decreasing property values and not likely to recover without some outside intervention.More than simply a market slip,a blighted area can be identified by deteriorating buildings,increased crime rates,and decreased occupancies.

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32) A blighted area was viewed both as the source and the result of the crime and the economic and spiritual poverty that infected the living city like a disease.
His appetite for creating sustainable and attractive schemes on derelict and blighted areas is demonstrated by The Locks project, a waterfront canalside redevelopment of more than 120 houses and flats, including roof terraces, and eco-friendly construction on what is currently a mix of derelict and industrial land.
99) Furthermore, in upholding the constitutionality of the condemnation of a blighted area in Hawley v.
Therefore, although Kelo expressly did not involve a blighted area, a redevelopment authority may be able to use its redevelopment laws to achieve some of the same goals that were at the heart of Kelo.
Along with the benefit of this additional capital, the General Assembly gave local governing bodies the responsibility of determining the presence of specific factors within a blighted area before approving an ordinance creating a TIF district.
Along the Intracoastal Waterway, a developer is working with the city to redevelop a blighted area by building a luxury, multi-story condominium next to a future phase of Venetian Waterway Park.
decided to make substantial investments in the blighted area.
ATLANTIC DEVELOPMENT GROUP, New York City, is developing an 86-unit, 12-story affordable housing community in the Bronx, representing Atlantic's contribution to the revitalization of a formerly blighted area.
One specific fight, though, was one we picked with the city administration over building a new overpass in a blighted area immediately adjacent to downtown.
The second example was a service learning project designed to redevelop a blighted area.
Then, in early 1993, a seemingly routine report of yet another blighted area was entered into the data bank.