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A single mortgage instrument covering two or more properties.It is most often encountered in property intended for development,with partial lien releases given as lots are sold and part of the sale proceeds used to pay down the loan. Contrast with cross-collateralization, in which two or more properties, each with their own mortgages, include the other properties as additional collateral.

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References in classic literature ?
But when he heard Skipper's commands cease, and, seconds later, heard his cursings in the barbed wire, he set up a shrill yelping and clawed and scratched frantically at the blanket to get out.
As the pandemonium grew, he added his own yelping to it until he felt a fumbling hand without the blanket. He stilled and sniffed.
I was compelled to let go the sheet while I helped her to the nest of blankets and chafed her hands and arms.
I left the oar long enough to tuck the blankets about her feet and to pull a single fold across her face.
Billy started to leave the blankets, but Saxon caught his arm.
After a few moments he returned and crawled under the blankets.
He hurried round the house to get a shovel from the kitchen-- "First I will arrange the hole-- then I will drag out that person in the blanket .
He roughly divided the gold in halves, caching one half on a prominent ledge, wrapped in a piece of blanket, and returning the other half to the sack.
Half of his last blanket had gone into foot- wrappings.
Do not the Delawares fight, and exchange their lands for powder, and blankets, and merchandise?”
Daylight was yet three hours away, though it was already six o'clock; and in the darkness Henry went about preparing breakfast, while Bill rolled the blankets and made the sled ready for lashing.
Again and again it rose and fell, and each time the long blade of the knife buried itself in the thing beneath the blankets. But there was an initial lifelessness in the silent bulk that gave the assassin momentary wonder.