Blank check

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Blank check

A check that is duly signed, but the amount of the check is left blank to be supplied by the drawee.

Blank Check

1. A check made payable to a certain person, organization, or to cash, and signed by the writer with the amount of the check left blank. That is, a blank check allows the payee (or anyone else) to determine the amount of the check. A blank check can be very dangerous, especially if one is made to a person the writer does not trust or if the payee does not know how much is in the writer's account. It easily can lead to (sometimes significant) overdrafts.

2. Informal for a situation or transaction requiring a great deal of trust between the parties.
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Gulf News spoke to several banks across the country and they confirmed that, as per the new regulations issued last year, they have stopped requesting blank cheques from customers.
It was a fault by the bank which should have closed the customer's file and cancelled the blank cheque.
She said she didn't think the direct debit had been set up for Anthony's payments yet and asked me to sign a blank cheque for that month.
First, handing over a blank cheque as security and filing a criminal case.
Ministers were urged yesterday not to write a blank cheque for the 2012 Olympics amid reports the final bill could reach pounds 9bn.
Being partially blind, the pensioner, from Chester-le-Street, gave the conman a blank cheque to fill in the pounds 5 he told her he would charge for the two-minute job.
Jonathan, a bit of a car buff (he's even having a bubble car restored), reckons Ford's slinky two-seater is the perfect modern classic that's as pretty as a blank cheque, utterly reliable and with retro charm in spades.
A deliveryman had taken the blank cheque, signed by the Queen's cousin, from under the noses of staff at Kensington Palace, said Samantha Cohen, prosecuting.
But the venture doesn't mean Alex McLeish will be handed a blank cheque to rebuild his squad.
Earlier this month council leader Craig Humphrey (Con, Bilton) said: "It is unfortunate but we do not have a blank cheque.
Instead the manifesto is a blank cheque which leaves David Trimble to fill in the cost to unionism later.
He gave me a blank cheque and told me not to report the matter to the police.