blackout period

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Blackout period

A period of time before the earnings release of a public company during which its directors and specific employees deemed insiders cannot trade the company’s stock.

Blackout Period

The period of time during which an employee may not make any changes to his/her employer-sponsored retirement plan. This usually occurs when the plan is being restructured or when administrative changes are being made. For example, a company may institute a blackout period if it is moving management of its retirement plans to a different brokerage. A blackout period normally lasts approximately 60 days. It is also called the lockdown.

blackout period

1. The time period prior to the release of financial information during which certain employees of a public company are prohibited from trading in the firm's stock. See also window period.
2. See lockdown.
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The name, address and phone number of the plan administrator or other person responsible for answering questions on the blackout period.
In accordance with company policy, the quarterly blackout period goes into effect at the close of business on December 22, 2009 and is expected to terminate on February 3, 2010 (after dissemination of the reporting materials).
15 sits in the blackout period so it wouldn't clash with the semi-final if it was televised live.
Of the five main countries in Europe, we are the only ones who operate a blackout period.
The Rule 10b5-1 repurchase plan allows the Company to repurchase its shares during periods when it would normally not be active in the market due to its internal trading blackout period.
The Company will terminate the blackout period when events warrant.
The model can address such nonstandard features as indexed strike prices (indexed ESOs), performance-vested ESOs (vesting can occur only if the stock price exceeds a preset level), repriceable ESOs (where the strike price may be reset if the ESO is too far "underwater"), purchased ESOs (where the employees must pay a certain percentage of the strike price at the grant date and the remainder when the option is exercised) and blackout periods.
Raise standards of executive conduct beyond those required by law by using (or issuing) written policies on stock transactions including blackout periods and advance notification of sale.
Available on bookings made up until 15th September 2013, the savings are applicable on cars reserved and collected between now and 31st March 2014, excluding short term, blackout periods.
Air quality officials said running power plants full time and increased use of diesel generators to keep factories and large businesses operating during blackout periods will worsen the smog problem.
There are no change or cancel fees, blackout periods or booking restrictions applicable.
The automatic securities purchase plan was established to provide standard instructions regarding how IGM Financial s common shares are to be purchased under its Normal Course Issuer Bid during certain pre-determined trading blackout periods, subject to pre-established parameters.