blackout period

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Blackout period

A period of time before the earnings release of a public company during which its directors and specific employees deemed insiders cannot trade the company’s stock.

Blackout Period

The period of time during which an employee may not make any changes to his/her employer-sponsored retirement plan. This usually occurs when the plan is being restructured or when administrative changes are being made. For example, a company may institute a blackout period if it is moving management of its retirement plans to a different brokerage. A blackout period normally lasts approximately 60 days. It is also called the lockdown.

blackout period

1. The time period prior to the release of financial information during which certain employees of a public company are prohibited from trading in the firm's stock. See also window period.
2. See lockdown.
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During the blackout period, the 401(k) plan would fail to meet the ERISA section 404(c) safe harbor requirement to provide for a broad range of investment options.
A company must provide notice to a participant (including a beneficiary) who self-directs investment of plan assets in a defined contribution plan and is affected by the blackout period. It must also provide "timely" notice to the issuer of any employer securities held by a plan subject to the blackout provisions.
In either case, the fiduciaries could be liable for losses participants suffer during the blackout period. The best course of action is to monitor the investments even more closely than usual, so you can make changes quickly if performance drops.
With respect to blackout periods related to Hurricane Florence or Hurricane Michael, the Department will not allege a violation of the blackout notice requirements solely on the basis that a fiduciary did not make the required written determination.
('PetroShale' or the 'Company') (TSXV: PSH, OTCQX: PSHIF) announced today that it has received approval from the TSX Venture Exchange ('TSXV') to invoke automatic purchases of its common shares ('Shares') under its current normal course issuer bid ('NCIB') during the Corporation's internal blackout period for its upcoming financial quarter.
Fedspeak is out of its blackout period and Chair Powell headlines a list of key players who will be at the podium on Tuesday.
Pursuant to the Plan, before entering a blackout period, Air Canada may, but is not required to, instruct the designated broker to make purchases under the Issuer Bid in accordance with the terms of the Plan.
The plan enables shares to be purchased during an otherwise self-imposed blackout period between the fifteenth day of the last month of the quarter and the reporting of the company's financial results.
Furthermore, new blackout period management eliminates manual intervention and simplifies release coordination.
8th and the six week blackout period surrounding a general election, the special election for Senate District 45 can occur no sooner than December and therefore will be held on Tuesday, Dec.
There is a blackout period from 14 to 22 February, inclusive.
EBay surged 6% after an earnings beat, while Electronic Arts stumbled 4.5% after a revenue miss from a delayed launch of "Battlefield V." Fedspeak has gone quiet heading into the blackout period for next week's FOMC decision, though it will hold an "open meeting" today on prudential rules for large banks.