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In the table, the ADC controller, the bitstream generators, the switch control units, the IBPN evaluation blocks, 9 estimation block, and 2 MFCV computing have been evaluated.
While the NR models have access to the bitstream and the PVS data, the RR models have access to the bitstream data and the source video sequences having some reduced set of features, and the FR models have full access to the bitstream data along with the entire source video sequences.
Though I would bet that AV1 will meet Netflix's baseline requirements by the end of the year, we won't know until AOM announces that the bitstream is frozen.
The service layer may return an updated version of the predictor model, in form of a bitstream to be used to reconfigure the device dynamic hardware portion.
Runtime relocatability--eliminate the need of pre-design all possible configuration bitstream for each partial reconfigurable partition (PRP).
The downloading and reconfiguration of the new bitstream is taken care of by an application software running on the microprocessor.
This system adjusts the quality level of the SVC bitstream in order to adapt the transmission rate to a varying bandwidth.
Bitstream access service allows operators to access the infrastructure of the other in areas where they don't have a network rolled out.
"BOLT offers carriers a solution that not only allows for perfect page rendering with a fully-featured browser no matter what type of phone is being used, but also provides significant bandwidth savings over the competition with unmatched data compression," said Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research & development for Bitstream. "For example, twenty mobile devices browsing with BOLT use the same bandwidth as one device browsing with competing browsers.
SRAM-based FPGAs are especially vulnerable, since they require an easy-to-intercept programming bitstream to be read into them at start-up.
As soon as bitstream sharing arrives in the UAE, the theory goes, Etisalat will lose considerable customers to its younger rival.