bird dog

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Bird Dog

In auto sales, a salesperson or other party who refers a potential customer to another salesperson in exchange for a portion of the commission.

bird dog

Someone who regularly furnishes sales leads to another, but does not actually handle any of the selling. Successful real estate agents usually have many bird dogs.

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The Bird Dog Jamboree will donate all proceeds not used to cover expenses to a different bird dog rescue/shelter every year.
Byrne began crossbreeding bird dogs more than 50 years ago with one goal in mind: creating the perfect fall turkey dog that would run ahead of the hunter, find and flush turkeys and bark upon flushing the flock.
We were between bird dogs then, but I've never known people who could locate quail like my father or his father.
There's room for some give and take when it comes to choosing any bird dog.
The pup that he found for our family has turned into the kind of bird dog I never realized I could even own, and while she is a monster in the field, she's a softie at home.
Like all bird dogs, its genes were tinkered with significantly with hybridizing to combine the best traits of different breeds.
Thankfully, though, I discovered bird dogs in my late teens, and though I'm not terribly affluent, my life, for the most part, has been joyful.
And that's why The Bird Dog Investor's Ultimate Training Course was launched.
Many years ago, I was told by one of the country's top gun dog trainers that if I could ever get my bird dog just to "come" and "whoa" reliably whenever directed, it would be better than 90 percent of the hunting dogs in the field today.
There's nothing worse than spending countless hours training a bird dog only to introduce it to game farm birds that won't fly.