bird dog

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Bird Dog

In auto sales, a salesperson or other party who refers a potential customer to another salesperson in exchange for a portion of the commission.

bird dog

Someone who regularly furnishes sales leads to another, but does not actually handle any of the selling. Successful real estate agents usually have many bird dogs.

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The Bird Dog Jamboree will donate all proceeds not used to cover expenses to a different bird dog rescue/shelter every year.
Byrne began crossbreeding bird dogs more than 50 years ago with one goal in mind: creating the perfect fall turkey dog that would run ahead of the hunter, find and flush turkeys and bark upon flushing the flock.
When asked if the Kinetic line will witness any expansion in the near future, Howard alluded to the possibility of looking into the supplement side of things, but quickly followed with this simple statement, "We created this business because we love bird dogs, and bird dog owners.
Not only do quality training materials give you insight into each step of the basic obedience commands, they will also help you transition to those more complicated commands and drills that truly finish out a good bird dog.
One day soon, I'd love to shoot behind this frizzy-bearded and dapperly moustached bird dog.
For more information on the Bird Dog Investor Affiliate Program, please email josh@TheBirdDogInvestor.
The club, where Young and his father would pursue grouse, pheasants and quail, also had a famous member--outdoor scribe and prolific bird dog man, Gene Hill.
In addition to the The Bird Dog Investor's Ultimate Training Course, Josh Weidman will be releasing a more focused set of training videos focusing on the construction element of real estate investing and an interactive investment worksheet.
In the meantime, the exemplary excellence of shutzhund should inspire all of us bird dog lovers to work devotedly with our own best-friend hunting partners to help them learn to "come," "whoa" and maybe "fetch" reliably for the upcoming pheasant season, which is a little more than a month away.
BIRD DOG BAY creates the highest-quality printed silk ties to ensure brighter colors and more intricately detailed designs.
An AD-1 Skyraider, A-37 Dragonfly, OV-1D Mohawk, DeHavilland UV-18A Twin Otter, an O-1E Bird Dog and a Cessna O-2B forward air controller aircraft will take part.
Anyone familiar with the bird dog culture of Europe probably has a pretty good idea of where this is going.