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The process of recognizing a human being using one or more inherent physical traits. For example, one may identify a criminal using his/her fingerprints. Biometric products are used for a variety of government and commercial purposes, often for security.


Increasingly popular building security system technology that relies on automated identification of physical characteristics such as fingerprints or retinal scans in order to determine access rights.The technology and the cost have both reached the point that consumer-level biometric security devices are available,such as for use in self-storage facilities and residences.Access codes, keys, and electronic cards are becoming outdated. Developers should bear this in mind when designing new construction and spend a minor amount of extra money necessary for wiring to accommodate biometric systems.

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Pattern Matrix indicate that the first principal component can be used in the evaluation and comparison of body biometry in female buffaloes using head and horn traits (HC, FW, and FL) while second principal component has shown high component loadings of heart girth, paunch girth, body length and height at wither (Table 5).
1%) who underwent late US [13,14] and relying on European sample-based biometry reference ranges generated for assessment of fetal growth rather than GA.
ZEISS is therefore bringing about another fundamental change in biometry," says Prof.
The Scandinavian airline SAS said today (6 May) that it would cooperate with the Swedish company Precise Biometrics AB to evaluate a new technology based on smartcards and biometry to simplify check-in and boarding procedures and to improve security.
5D of intended target, versus 58 percent with traditional cataract surgery using standard method biometry.
Tenders are invited for Purchase and installatioin of equipment (Micro Plate ELISA Reader With Washer, Mechanical Ventilator, Slit Lamp, Ultrasonic Biometry Machine With Pachymeter, ND-Yag Laser Capsulotomy, ISE Based Electrolyte Analyser, Etc.
Motorola offers a complete package for biometry identity management, security in the personalisation of registrations and passports, proof of identity at border checks, mobile AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification Systems) and access controls.
Improvements to the post-refractive IOL power calculation algorithm and a warning to the user when a measurement is not consistent with the preoperative biometry of the patient are some of the new features.
Contract award: supply of equipment and software for the laboratory of biometry.
The Aviso ultrasound platform is configurable to include the new 50 MHz and 10 MHz probes, as well as biometry and Standardized echography modules.
Because each human finger embodies a unique biometry, the capacity to scan four fingers at once provides the user, thanks to this multibiometry, with approximately ten times more security for each set of fingerprints," says DERMALOG CEO GE-nther Mull.