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The process of recognizing a human being using one or more inherent physical traits. For example, one may identify a criminal using his/her fingerprints. Biometric products are used for a variety of government and commercial purposes, often for security.


Increasingly popular building security system technology that relies on automated identification of physical characteristics such as fingerprints or retinal scans in order to determine access rights.The technology and the cost have both reached the point that consumer-level biometric security devices are available,such as for use in self-storage facilities and residences.Access codes, keys, and electronic cards are becoming outdated. Developers should bear this in mind when designing new construction and spend a minor amount of extra money necessary for wiring to accommodate biometric systems.

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As part of a multi-factor authentication solution: With the recent attack on RSA, leading to vulnerabilities being exposed in its SecureID token technology, there is a pressing need for strong and agile authentication solutions - mobile phone-based biometric security can be a viable part of this solution
UPEK's complete hardware-based fingerprint solution offers the highest level of biometric security and convenience in the market today," said Vito Fabbrizio, Director of Portable Storage Solutions for UPEK, Inc.
We consider the biometric security market to be a significant opportunity where we can leverage the unique flexibility and performance of the EZ-USB FX2LP controller," said Rajiv Nema, product marketing manager for Cypress's High-Speed USB product line.
As a mobile, self-contained authentication device, plusID increases user convenience and privacy while eliminating the need for disparate, expensive, biometric security systems.
Saflink Corporation offers biometric security and smart card solutions that protect intellectual property, secure information assets and eliminate passwords.
We successfully completed delivery on a substantial contract with a major Fortune 100 corporate customer involving our advanced biometric security products," said Dore Perler, CEO of Sense Holdings.
The company's Digital Defense(TM) Group is a provider of wireless biometric security products based on patent-pending technology.
The solution can also capture a photographic image of a cardholder's fingerprint and then print it on a secure photo ID card as a visual indicator that biometric security is part of the identity program.
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