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The process of recognizing a human being using one or more inherent physical traits. For example, one may identify a criminal using his/her fingerprints. Biometric products are used for a variety of government and commercial purposes, often for security.
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Increasingly popular building security system technology that relies on automated identification of physical characteristics such as fingerprints or retinal scans in order to determine access rights.The technology and the cost have both reached the point that consumer-level biometric security devices are available,such as for use in self-storage facilities and residences.Access codes, keys, and electronic cards are becoming outdated. Developers should bear this in mind when designing new construction and spend a minor amount of extra money necessary for wiring to accommodate biometric systems.

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Yet for all its growing ubiquity, biometric authentication is often not trusted to do the job alone: just one in 10 of the IT professionals Spiceworks surveyed thought that the technology was secure enough to be used without an additional form of security.
deliver biometric authentication that benefits consumers, issuers, acquirers
Respondents in the Asia-Pacific region were the most knowledgeable about and comfortable with biometric authentication (78%), and 94% were interested in using biometrics in the future.
New Delhi: Aadhaar will include face recognition alongside iris or fingerprint scan as a means of verifying users, helping those who face issues in biometric authentication or have worn-out fingerprints, the authority in charge of the national identity card system said on Monday.
The paper "Privacy-Preserving Biometric Authentication: Challenges and Directions" by E.
Speaking on the occasion, Khurram Shaikh said, "JS Bank is pleased to be the first bank in Pakistan to introduce the mobile-based biometric authentication technology which will cater to our banking customers' needs by providing a much more convenient way to authenticate themselves and avail our banking services instantly." Karim Jindani, Chief Executive Officer of Paysys Labs commented:" We strongly believe that secure and friction-less identity verification is one of the major challenge in digital financial services space in Pakistan today.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 16, 2017-Nok Nok Labs signs formal biometric authentication partnership with Fujitsu in Japan
This biometric authentication system for PCs will implement current FIDO standards, bringing established FIDO biometric authentication capabilities to the PC.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Apple's iPhone isn't always a good pairing for Microsoft's Windows 10 PCs, but you'll be able to use the phone's biometric authentication features to log into PCs.
Businesses that want to thrive are rapidly adopting secure, modern password alternatives, such as the following: social-network authentication that enables consumers to use their Facebook or other social-network credentials as their logins: two-factor authentication, which couples traditional usernames and passwords with a personal security question or verification code sent via text message; and biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, facial recognition or iris scanning technology.
Talking to Voice Of America (VOA), he said that in order to avoid street crimes in Karachi the phone sets of biometric authentication will be made mandatory after biometric authentication of mobile phone SIMS.
For example, the company has entered into a multiyear licensing pact in which Xelios Biometrics supplies biometric authentication technology for use in ScriptPro pharmacy automation and management systems.