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Bill of lading

A contract between an exporter and a transportation company in which the latter agrees to transport the goods under specified conditions that limit its liability. It is the exporter's receipt for the goods as well as proof that goods have been or will be received.
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Bill of Lading

A document in which a seller agrees to use a certain transportation to ship a good to a certain location. The bill of lading details the type, quality, and quantity of the good. It also serves as the receipt upon arrival at the destination.
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bill of lading

a document used to ship internationally traded goods that gives the holder (the consignee) the right to take possession of the goods. The bill of lading gives details of the goods shipped, the identification marks and numbers on crates, etc., the name of the ship, ports of embarkation and destination, rate of freight, etc. Bills of lading are drawn up by shipowners, the original being sent to the consignee with copies being retained by the captain of the ship and the FREIGHT FORWARDER. See EXPORTING.
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19, 2012, Mago tendered its first set of documents to LHB, which included two unsigned bills of lading (2) relating to the two invoices beginning with number 199.
Le Seelleur said he had to pay another Dh13,474 for the release of the original Bills of Lading, a maritime legal requirement.
With bills of lading, it is possible to make a number of independent checks- this is a simple way of saving the time and money involved with falling victim to a fraud."
We think that applying COGSA's liability rules to all carriage of goods by sea, in contracts for transportation with ultimate destinations in the United States, effectuates Congress's intent in a context that Congress could never have predicted: one in which containerized transport and 'through' bills of lading prevail." [Slip op.
The Maghribis might have adopted elements of the Genoese system, such as bills of lading or the new system of accounting, had they survived into subsequent centuries.
The thought that a vessel carrying up to 4,000 or even 10,000 containers might have to have separate bills of lading terms for each one opens a very big can of worms.
The Electronic Transportation Acquisition is used to generate commercial bills of lading for both truck and rail shipments.
Also, the proposed rule implements changes resulting from the Federal Management Regulation amendments that require use of commercial bills of lading for domestic shipments.
Also, the rule implements changes resulting from the Federal Management Regulation amendments that require use of commercial bills of lading for domestic shipments.
They also enable such activities as direct customer billing from WarehouseLogic and printing documents such as manifests and bills of lading directly from SmartFreight.
With a few clicks of the mouse, ready shipments are selected, bills of lading and shipping labels are generated, and ABF is notified instantly of the shipment details and desired pickup dates.
(27) The intended purpose for Congressional execution of the Harter Act, in 1893, was to prevent the efforts of carriers to insert into bills of lading all-embracing exceptions to liability or exculpatory clauses.