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(24) I disregard the fact that they were all in my billfold; that is a separate issue from my purchase of the sweater.
The next thing you know he's thrusting a knife at your neck, demanding "money or your life." Your billfold's at home.
I want to be your alligator-skin billfold. I want to be your solitary, not the girl who reads the cards--that's Solitaire--solitary, the moment before a mission when you're alone on the beach with only a nip, a long pull, a slug, and your gun, amphetamines, and conscience to guide you.
I don't want a knife or a binocular or a billfold that will suddenly disappear if I set it on the ground in the woods.
Glancing at Elsie over his shoulder, Geordie dug out his billfold and peeled off three hundreds.
Altogether a cause for rejoicing as we forge ahead in the struggle to achieve inner tranquility, which for me the other morning included misplaced glasses, a madcap dash to the airport, and en route in the taxi a call from my wife saying, "You forgot your billfold." One more sheep with a thorn in his hoof.
While Pierre still hooks up with some of the cutest boys in Paris, his encounters aren't set to rapturous violins but to the sounds of Pierre's crinkling billfold as he fishes it out of his pocket.
When the cookie invasion hits our shores, we must stand strong and deliver the following message to the Yanks: "You say billfold, we say wallet.
When polled, Japanese say they prize luxury goods for their "durability" a curious response given the ease with which one could find a wallet of the same or better quality as a Louis Vuitton billfold for significantly less.
"I peeled off a few of the hundreds, felt for my billfold in my inner breast pocket, slipped them in next to the singles, fives and tens, put it back, and gingerly made my way to the dresser, where I hid the rest in the top drawer, under my jocks and socks.
I hoped for the best, but as my glasses and billfold were removed I knew it was going to be bad.
He reached into the inside pocket of his jacket, opened a leather billfold on the table, and produced an uncashed check for five pounds.