bill of sale

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Bill of Sale

A document a seller gives to a buyer stating that a sale occurred on a given date, at a given place, for a given amount of compensation. A bill of sale is a type of receipt and may be used as proof in court if there is a dispute. See also: Absolute bill of sale, Condition bill of sale.
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bill of sale

A written instrument used to transfer ownership of personal property. Many buyers insist on a general bill of sale, in addition to a deed, to ensure that all property intended to pass in the sale actually does so.Some states have held that certain real estate-related interests are actually personal property,and attempted sales via deed were void.

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* Provide a written statement that the agent is the owner's duly authorized agent and that the agent is authorized to convey legal title to the horse pursuant to a written bill of sale; (44)
Inside the ledger, as water-damaged, stained, and unreadable as the ledger pages, she finds the bill of sale for her legendary great-grandmother, whose name no one in Willow Springs knows.
The bill of sale rules, through which loans are secured against valuable assets such as cars, jewellery or antiques, allow the asset to seized by the lender without notice.
We all know in a regular sale we have a bill of sale, invoice or purchase order which has been drawn up, and the work is transferred subject to their terms and conditions.
And Brenda added that she and her husband still had possession of the assets sold, which include "automobiles, furniture, jewelry, artwork, clothes, TV's electronics, lawn mowers, golf carts, golf clubs, dishes, silverware, etc.," according to the bill of sale, which was filed in the Blankenships' paperwork.
The DVLA recommends that buyers ask to see proof of ownership of a vehicle, such as a bill of sale, and check the vehicle's service records and a MoT certificate to assure themselves that the sale is legal.
Similarly, it would require all commissions above $500 to be disclosed, and a written bill of sale in transactions would also be mandatory.
His white 1964 Silver Cloud III is in apple pie order and up for auction next month in New York, complete with a sheaf of history, including a bill of sale listing Muhammad Ali Holdings Inc as the owner.
Armed only with Miranda's walking stick (a symbol of power) and the ancient ledger which contains within it the partially erased bill of sale (history and knowledge), he is to go to the nest of the brooding hen--the object he most fears--and bring back to Miranda "'whatever [he] find[s]'" (295).